This Eupho Session Was A “Dud” – Or Was It?

Nothing unusual about this Eupho session. I did have a major distraction from television the entire ride. However, I managed the best I could. As with previous Eupho sessions, it took a while to get the prostate "buzzing". Even after about an hour, there still was no orgasm. I did feel only one Dry-O during the latter part of this session.

One interesting thing which I did in this session was put my finger at the "back end" of my anus and "explore" a little. The lube was really slippery and my finger was able to glide back and forth within the anal opening with ease. It felt so good! However, I actually felt like it was "accelerating" an ejaculation, though, not a prostate orgasm. I didn't know if the stimulation of the anal nerves was going to trigger a penile ejaculation, but it sure felt so. I did this only for about a minute or so then stopped it. I did not want to "short-circuit" a prostate orgasm.

Since it was obvious that nothing else would come of this session, I ended it and chalked it up as a "dud".

Note: As is usual for most of these sessions, I awoke about five hours later with a most powerful erection and precum. As I am sitting here, I am feeling a slight ache in the lower abdomen and a "twinge" in the prostate followed by another erection. The head of the penis is wet. The testicles are starting to get very sensitive and I am experiencing a toe-curling spasm in the prostate region. I think I'll go back to bed…….

While in bed, I have experienced so far FOUR prostate contractions, each one more powerful than the last. Definitely moaning for the last contractions. Prostate "buzzing" more with each spasm. It feels like the prostate is "primed" with semen and is ready to pump. Following each spasm, the penis slightly "deflates" only to get pumped up again. The underside of the scrotum now is getting very sensitive. Putting finger in back part of anus like before and it feels like it is accelerating the necessary ejaculation. This time I won't stop it.

Sitting here is putting more pressure on the prostate causing it to "buzz" more. I seem to be doing "automatic" anal contractions to "help" the prostate accomplish its mission. Still more precum. Don't know if I can take much more of this. I'm going back to bed……..

Underside of scrotum is VERY sensitive and I am getting very horny and "thrusting" in bed. I feel "compelled" to masturbate and stroke the penis and scrotum even without lube!

Success! Large amount of cum in a short while. I can relax…….


PS If the "success" of this session was defined by an ejaculation, then this session was a resounding "SUCCESS"! I could not hold this one back no matter how hard I tried.

PPS Prostate still slightly "buzzing" with an occasional "twinge"…..