A Peridise Fantasy

I found myself in need of some money, so I checked out a local sperm bank to see what I could do to quickly pick up a few bucks. The receptionist was very nice and took some information from me, including my age, my weight and my approximate frequency of ejaculations (I thought this was a bit strange) and then looked over my "application" and said that I am "qualified" to donate today. She game me a large clear plastic "tube" with a cover and told me to go to one of the "numbered" rooms nearby (I believe it was #3) and lock the door. Inside, it was very comfortable with a "table" covered in a nice white material and a fluffy pillow, almost like a "bed". The lighting was very low and relaxing.

I thought that I would be able to masturbate quickly, collecting my semen in the "tube", get my money and be on my way. However, that was not the way things worked in this particular sperm bank.

The "aid" who came to visit me said that they have found that by additional sexual "stimulation" of the anal canal, they can obtain a much "better" sample of semen for the bank. Thus, they will use this technique out on me today. She asked me if I was okay with this and I said sure, why not (I needed the money). She asked me to take off my pants and my underwear, and my shirt and climb-up on the "table" and lay on my left side.

(I didn't know it then, but she would be inserting a "Peridise" into my anus). She "lubed-up" my anus with her finger and some lubricant that felt so good. She "lubed-up" the stimulator as well. Then, I felt just a slight pressure from the stimulator as she held it up against my opening. It was there for a while and I "felt" my anus slowly relaxing and letting the stimulator in. It just slid right in. It felt so good!

I felt it pull itself in and it felt good! The aid then told me that she would be setting a timer for about 35 minutes and that would signal when the time was up. After that time, she said, I could normally "collect" my semen sample into the tube by masturbating any way I wanted, remove the stimulator and get dressed. With that, she left the room.

She didn't tell me what to do with the stimulator, but I felt a nice "tickling" in my rectum. I just laid there for a while when all of a sudden, I felt this incredibly "sexy" feeling within my anal area. Oh my! It felt good! I didn't realize it at the time but the stimulator was giving me a nice rock-hard erection!

I noticed that I was able to "magnify" these feelings if I quickly "squeezed" my anal muscles and then "released" them. I kept doing this and it really felt good. I kept doing this for I don't know how long. I noticed that my nipples were getting very hard and sensitive and I began to "stroke" them slightly. With that, I felt a more intense feeling in my penis (probably my prostate as well), and I thought to myself, that this stimulator "technique" really seems to be working on me!

I continued to do these contractions and felt myself drifting off into a sexual "bliss" when I heard the timer go off! I rolled back over and looked at my penis. The head was wet with precum and my balls were really hard and sensitive. I began lightly stroking the penis and balls and it didn't take very long before I was able to ejaculate very powerfully into the tube! Oh my! That seemed so easy! I "shot" my load straight down to the bottom of the tube! The amount of "cum" was greater than I usually remember. I guess the stimulator worked as advertised! I collected the milky semen, snapped on the cover and placed it on a nearby table. I then removed the stimulator, cleaned myself up with some warm "wet" towels that were on the table already and got dressed. After that, I left the room.

When I left the room, I again met the receptionist and she asked me how I felt? (I saw her glance down at my crotch since my erection had not yet subsided). I felt a little embarrassed. She handed me an envelope with my "pay" for today's activity. I told her, to be honest, I felt ABSOLUTELY GREAT! Can I do this again? I asked.

Sure, she said. We want you to come back often. But you need to allow yourself about four days' rest to allow your sperm count to normalize. During that time, you cannot ejaculate again until you return. You can have as many erections as you want but you cannot ejaculate. Can you do that? (Now I remember on the application asking me about my frequency of ejaculations).

Of course, I said! I took the "pay" and with a great expectation of things to come, started home…….I couldn't wait to "donate" again! I felt myself getting slightly "hard"!

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