An Extended Super-O Session

I'll start this "ride" at the END…….and make my way back to the BEGINNING…….

I was awakened about three hours "later" with a severely "buzzing" prostate, a rock-hard erection (and balls too) and was moaning already. I had just experienced a most-powerful prostate spasm resulting in some precum and some whole-body involvement. I felt the scrotum and it was VERY sensitive already!

I'm sitting here and prostate is again severely "buzzing" (I seem to be doing "automatic" anal contractions) and the prostate is again going into spasm. The prostate is still "pumping". I'm going to "jump ahead" to the BEGINNING now………

I selected the Helix for this ride because I have had the most direct stimulation of the prostate with it. This time was no different.

Let me explain………

I knew this "ride" would be great because almost immediately upon insertion of the helix, it "greeted" me with an immediate rock-hard erection (balls included) and I began MOANING right away! (Moaning in these sessions had been generally rare for me until the most recent sessions).

Upon very light contractions at first, I began to quickly progress to P-waves, then an occasional Dry-O. I was MOANING throughout and this time, my moans were getting so severe that I had to physically "muffle" them in my pillow. I considered SCREAMING (the pleasure was that severe) but obviously would wake up the household in the middle of the night.

What happened next is somewhat unusual. I felt the beginnings of a Super-O like I have experienced several times before. However, this one was "different". Let me explain………

For starters, this Super-O lasted, I believe a full TEN MINUTES! I began breathing and sighing heavily. There was whole-body involvement as well as some whole-body shakes. The whole-body was involved, however, a little bit at a time (I will call it a "slow-motion" Super-O). For example, when the orgasm started, I began involuntary abdominal contractions. This went on for a while (probably ten to fifteen times to start). Next, I felt an involuntary contraction of another muscle group, I believe, my ankles, and so on. In time, and sequentially, almost every muscle in my body was in involuntary spasm at some point, including my neck. It was strange, the entire body was not convulsing at one time like before. During all of this whole-body movement, however, I was M O A N I N G and severely. This Super-Orgasm did not want to stop! And I did not want it to stop! But it did (my prostate was beginning to feel the effect of this extended orgasm), and I suddenly felt a peaceful feeling come over me. I'll take this in for a while with the helix still in me…….

I came back to reality and experienced what I would say is a "half-strength" Super-O just like the previous one. This one was short-lived so I ended the session and went to sleep…….ALMOST!

I removed the helix and (you guessed it!) continued to experience the "slow-motion" Super-O ONE LAST TIME!


Meanwhile, back at the computer…….

The prostate is beginning to "buzz" again and I am beginning to breathe heavily as building-up to another orgasm….Ohhhh! Felt that in my very lower (anal) area as I do seemingly "auto" anal contractions. Was that an anal orgasm? Looking at penis and it is no longer erect; no precum either. So I think I'll return to bed for now and complete this later…..

Got back into bed and prostate has immediately shifted into "launch mode". Rock-hard erection already and I feel like my total ejaculatory "system" is primed and is ready to discharge. I feel like I do when I am "ready" to ejaculate (after an extended masturbation session) with a severe ache in the anal/prostate region. Can't take this…….getting the lube to finish "him" off!

What a relief! I can get some rest and reflect on this amazing ride!

Until the next ride……………

Additional Note: I believe the "color scheme" for part of the Super-O was blue/purple.

Additional Note: There were, I believe, a couple of "sub-fantasies" going on during this ride. I don't remember the details.