“A Wild Eupho Ride”

I thought I would try Progasm Jr for this ride. I lubed-up and inserted it very slowly. However, It became clear that I could not "retain" it (probably due to a "full" upper rectum). So, since I was already nicely "lubed", I went for the Eupho. Here is the ride……..

The Eupho went in very easily (I had extra lube in me from Progasm Jr) and I began to immediately feel very light "tickling" P-waves and something stronger right away. I had some light moaning as well. I continued with the light contractions for perhaps 45 minutes when I felt an orgasm beginning to build (probably just a Dry-O I thought). This seemed too easy with the Eupho and only light contractions. Much to my surprise, it was a Super-O that lasted, I believe, a full 20 MINUTES!

This Super-O began like a recent one, with some involuntary whole-body "shakes" which seemed to come over me "sequentially". These were followed and "intertwined" with whole-body convulsions, also sequential to start. Once I began these, there was no letup FOR A FULL 20 MINUTES! I literally was shaking, twisting and moaning all at the same time. The anal contractions, I believe, became automatic and they went on with the shaking and twisting for the duration of this orgasm. Several times during this orgasm, I distinctly felt my penis erecting hard.



What happened next is just as strange…….


The auto contractions stopped, the shaking stopped, the convulsions stopped. The only thing going on was my breathing which became very regular and deliberate. I could not feel the Eupho any more.

I suddenly felt very "heavy" like I was "encased" in a heavy material like concrete. I "felt" myself leave my body. I didn't know where I was, perhaps in outer space, perhaps floating down to the bottom of the ocean. But wherever I was, it was beyond my control since I was completely paralyzed. I COULD NOT MOVE A MUSCLE. I felt so peaceful while in this state. I believe I began to "see" a rainbow of colors during this time as well. I remember red, and green, and yellow and purple and orange, and……

Since I couldn't even open my eyes, I didn't know at the time how long this state had lasted. I just laid there in a post-orgasmic "stupor".

Eventually, I felt able to "wiggle" a toe which I did. This was followed by wiggling the other toe. Then my left leg but only a little. And so on, and so on. As I "came out" of this state, I was able to re-awaken more muscles in my body. Eventually I reached a point where I could move my entire body once again! I opened my eyes and realized that this state must have gone on for a full 10 minutes……..This ride was over.

I got up to clean myself off. I felt slightly euphoric but mostly I felt weak and "woozy". Probably the closest feeling following an extremely powerful ejaculation during intercourse and the sudden weakness a male feels afterwards.

One thing I noted as I got up was that there was a "puddle" of (I believe) precum about 4" in diameter on the bed where I was laying! Very interesting!

I went back to bed and began to reflect on this amazing ride…….

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-wild-eupho-ride/