Oh My! What A “Do-Nothing” Ride!

Oh My! Where to start? I found myself alone in the house for at least two hours so I "planned ahead" for an uninterrupted "ride" on Progasm Jr. I had not really used it much to-date since I usually felt that it "filled me up" a little too much. Tonight was different.

I decided in advance that I would make this session a "do-nothing" session and I just planned to relax with Progasm Jr. nicely snuggled in my you-know-what. I lubed up nicely and took my time with insertion. It is a little more difficult than the helix or eupho. Once in, I just turned over on my stomach and relaxed for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Very relaxing so far…..and I got an almost immediate erection with precum. Not a bad feeling!

But then, something happened to disturb this peaceful ride…..

I began to auto-contract ever so slightly. I could feel the Pro Jr. very slightly "tickling" my prostate with P-waves and I could even feel it with every pulse.

Every now and then, also, I began to experience a powerful abdominal spasm. Oh yeah, the moaning, THE MOANING seemed to be non-stop during this ride. Since I was alone in the house (except for the dogs) I didn't have to muffle my moans and I didn't. The moans became so loud at times that I believe that they actually helped increase the auto-contractions.

Before I know it, it was approaching the hour mark (still moaning) and I do not believe I had experienced any significant orgasms yet…..

Until……..O M G!

The contractions (mostly automatic) became more intense and more regular. I felt the Pro Jr. going in and out almost like a machine. My moaning was uncontrollable at this point. I was starting to convulse on the bed, further increasing the contractions and I realized that I was headed for a whole-body orgasm! My breathing became very regular and deliberate at this time. I began to shake, a little at first, then more. This was followed by more moans as I became a "slinky" look-alike contest winner. I distinctly felt several hard erections during this orgasm and got the sensation that I was leaving a "puddle" on top of the bed. There is a weird sensation that the Pro Jr. is being "pushed out" when in reality, it is in as far as it can go.

This orgasm settled down but I felt it building up again…..

Yes, here comes whole-body #2 followed by…

#3 and then…

#4 and then…

#5 ….Is this the end?

At this point, I believed that I was "edging" on another whole-body orgasm. I stopped the "train" for a while to catch my breath.

I did feel very relaxed at this time and just laid in bed for probably 5 minutes.

Since I was still "edging" on the orgasms I started to do some more contractions and, YES it didn't take long. What came next was….

#6 whole-body orgasm with not-so-quiet MOANS and fairly quiet SCREAMS! As I said, the house was empty and that definitely made a difference.

Following #6, I felt that that was enough for tonight (it was about an hour and a half) and the house would not be empty for much longer. So I cleaned myself up and got ready for the next ride!

As I looked at the bed, much to my surprise, I did not find a large "puddle" like before, only a few "spots".

As is customary for me, I now expect a fairly significant "aftershock" erection or two including an ejaculation sometime within the next three to five hours. I can't wait!


PS This was definitely a "fast" hour-and-a-half session! I think I "tuned-out" for a while while the auto-contractions continued to build. The Pro Jr. felt very good inside me toward the end of the ride. There was no discomfort, even with strong contractions.

PS I believe I could have extended the orgasms for a few more, since it felt like I was "edging" and the most-powerful orgasm was yet to come (it never did come on this ride). I can only imagine what a powerful Super-O that will be!

PS It has been a couple of days since I ejaculated. This one should be very powerful.

PS Not a lot of "buzzing" going on with the prostate. It feels quite "normal".

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