Peridise Torture Chamber

This was one hell of a SCARY ride! If you don't want the details, I suggest not reading any further. But if you do, here goes….I hope I can get through this…..

I found myself in a prison. I don't know what I did to deserve this but I was taken into a "cell" which was soundproofed. There was an ordinary-looking table in the middle of the room. There was no "window" on the door.

I was led into the room and stripped of all my clothes. I was put up on the table, face down. My hands were tied in front of my body and my feet were tied. I was blindfolded. I believe there was a small pillow for my head but nothing else.

Since I was face-down and could not see, I did not know who or what was coming next. I heard some talking but I didn't understand the language. I then felt a strange sensation from my anus and it almost felt like I was "receiving" a large suppository. I didn't know what it was. Could it be a poisonous enema? Or a poisonous suppository? How long would I survive this? I started to shiver at the prospects of what was to come……

I heard those in the room leave and they closed the door with a SLAM! I was all alone on the table in the room.

The next thing I know I had a "tickling" sensation in my anal and rectal area which continued to build. It seemed that after a while, it felt that whatever was in my rear was starting to "move" on its own. It felt very slippery. I started to have these "automatic" quivers or pulses from within me. It felt so good but after a while, I realized that it was not stopping!

These "feelings" continued and continued and continued…….the sensations began to build until I felt like I was going insane with pleasure!

I began to shiver and squirm, hoping to quell the "war" that was being waged in my rectum. But it was no use, I could not stop it. So I started to moan, quietly at first and then louder and still LOUDER! STOP IT! STOP IT!


But it was no good as no one heard my screams.

I continued to feel this "ungodly" pleasure for how long I don't really know. I began twisting and writhing on the table as I felt the room go dark…..

I came to a while later, not knowing where I was. Suddenly, I remembered and I felt the quivers from my rectum start all over again…..OH NO! NO!!
I thought….NOT AGAIN! This "pleasure" is going to kill me! Is that what this is all about? I was beginning to think that there was no way out of this alive for me.

This episode went on for a while and I again was screaming as I wanted this insane "pleasure" to stop,

BUT IT DIDN"T, it didn't stop. I began shaking and convulsing on the table again until I felt the room go dark. Was this it?

I came to once again and "repeated" this for yet a third time. Finally, I could not take it anymore and, while screaming, the room went dark for the last time……..