I Love My Helix!

Even though it was only one day since my ride on Pro Jr and Peridise (Small), I just felt "ready" for another ride. I selected the Helix since I have had some great rides with it.

I got myself ready, lubed-up and was ready to ride.

I am writing this not in real time but the following morning, so some of the details may be a bit "sketchy". I'll try my best to remember. This ride had several "firsts" as I will explain……

First off, I decided to "time" my contractions by my breathing. As I took a deep breath, I wanted to feel it in my abdomen as well. When I did this, I increased the contraction ever so slightly. Upon releasing the breath, I released the contraction as well.

All was going fine and this continued for, I believe, 20 minutes or so. I felt very relaxed.

However, this relaxed state was punctuated at times by a sharp abdominal spasm which "jolted" me and the helix. At the same time, my breath became more of an exclamation point and was anything but regular! Wow! I did not expect this so early in the ride.

I tried to resume my "normal" breathing technique. What happened next? I felt the helix literally go into "auto-fuck" mode. My breathing became anything but regular. I felt more extreme P-waves which continued to build. I recognized the feeling and I know I was building to a dry orgasm.

In fact, I was building-up to a whole-body orgasm since at some point in time, I began to experience whole-body spasms, although quite mild at first.

I felt this orgasm (#1) settle down and I "remembered" the number in my head (I wanted to start counting since I felt that there would be more).

What followed next is pretty amazing!

I began to "count-off" the successive orgasms:
#2, #3, #4, #5, #6

With each orgasm, there were more body spasms and they were continuing to build in intensity. There was, I believe, some whole-body "shaking" going on as well. These orgasms were now coming on like a "freight train" and I had no idea how many there would be. The helix still was in "auto-fuck" mode and I could do nothing to stop it, just ride it out.

What happened next is somewhat bizarre and unique for me……

Beginning with #7, I believe, I had the most powerful whole-body spasms I have ever experienced, without exaggeration. I felt like I almost left the bed for a while, they were that powerful. I was moving and bouncing all over the bed, and threw pillows and bedcovers all over the place. My shaking now was more pronounced and interspersed with the spasms which were uncontrollable.

This is not the end of these orgasms!…….There were TWO MORE I believe.

Beginning with #8, I began to feel very strange. I had a warm, tingly feeling all over my body which came on quite suddenly and I had a VERY STRANGE achy sensation within my lower abdomen (probably near the prostate) which I have never felt before. At the same time, I distinctly felt like I was discharging some "fluid" from my penis several times (my penis became erect several times or more during this ride).

Also, with #8 I believe, I had a most unusual body spasm: believe it or not, a few fingers of my RIGHT hand and my RIGHT foot BOTH were shaking uncontrollably. This went on for at least the duration of the orgasm, perhaps longer (I don't remember). This was highly unusual for me as I have never experienced this before!


With orgasms #8 and #9 (the last one), I began to feel so WARM that I needed to remove my clothes and just lie in bed under the covers naked. That was not enough, however, as I "threw-off" the sheets altogether and just lay there buck naked! I was still warm.

I felt that this session was ending (or so I thought) so I removed the helix and cleaned-up and got ready for some sleep (or so I thought). As I did this, I observed the bed and there was absolutely NO DISCHARGE of any kind from the penis! (very interesting!)

I probably was laying in bed for 30 to 35 minutes trying to get to sleep when I realized that


and I couldn't get to sleep at all. I didn't feel that this ride was OVER yet even though the helix was out! I got up and suddenly realized that I felt very "euphoric" and "spacey". I climbed back into bed and just laid there. It didn't take too long for me to realize that


I realized that my entire brain was "foggy" especially my thought process! I had a hard time "connecting" the neurons just trying to "think" about something simple like who are the presidential candidates names? I couldn't do it! I had a weird sensation in my head as well. Very foggy…….I remember thinking that my brain was like a "blank slate" and there was absolutely nothing written on it! I felt like I was in a hypnotic trance….a very strange feeling.

I laid back down on the pillow and just took all of this in……WOW! I was laying there probably for another hour or so. During this time, I believe I had another "out-of-body" experience as I remember traveling away from earth and seeing it get smaller and smaller.

Slowly, I came back to reality and finally was able to get some rest. That warm feeling began to subside and I was getting chilly even under the covers. I got up, got dressed to begin this entry and feel great. My head is still a little "foggy" from the experience of this amazing ride.

Until the next ride…….


PS Just for the record, the "color scheme" for part of this ride, as I remember was initially green and then orange and black (I thought Halloween!)??

PS During the time when I had to remove my clothes, I distinctly "felt" my penis and testicles become the "center of power of the universe". I know it sounds bizarre, but that is what I remember.

PS As I complete this, my brain still feels a little "foggy". I'll see how I feel later on in the day.

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