ED “Cure” With Peridise?

I have "suffered" with ED for a while now, since my college days. I found that I just could not "hold" an erection for very long. It became very embarrassing. When I had a "hot" date, following a nice dinner, for example, when the opportunity presented itself, and I found myself in an intimate situation with the girl, I just couldn't get hard enough to satisfy her. I couldn't even get hard enough for a handjob! That usually was the end of the date and I resigned to the fact that my body was "different" than other males who could get it up and keep it up until the point of ejaculation. I was not so fortunate.

I had tried Viagra once but found that it was not working well for me. It also had some side effects that I would rather not endure again.


I was intrigued by an ad I saw in a local newspaper advertising a "new" treatment and possible "cure" for ED! I copied down the phone number and the following day, decided to give them a call.

The person who answered the phone was very nice and asked me a few "personal" questions about my ED and my sexual habits and told me that, yes, it sounded like I would be a good "candidate" for this "new" treatment option which involved no drugs. I was intrigued and very encouraged.

I found out that the way this "treatment" works is that there is a local hotel which sponsors this treatment "conference" and it is an overnight event. Following a nice dinner at the hotel, the candidates receive the ED "treatment" along with a short presentation and will then spend the night at the hotel. The following morning, they will again meet and discuss the results.

I signed-up for a Saturday night in about a week and was eagerly anticipating the event. It was one of the nicest hotels in the area.


I arrived at the hotel early, had a drink and a very nice dinner. I forgot to mention that the "cost" of this "treatment" was pro-rated on the results and that would be discussed at the meeting. After a while, I went to the conference room which was pre-selected for this presentation. There were all types of men there, some older than me (I'm 35 now) and some younger.

The presenter sat us all down and explained to us that we will be participants in a "new" experiment using a "device" that has already been invented. But we will be using it in a DIFFERENT WAY for ED relief. It was discussed that the cost of this overnight "journey" would be dependent on the outcome of the treatment and our compliance with the rules.

The presentation lasted only about 30 minutes or so. Following that, I received a white paper bag with my name on it and was told to go to my room and have a good evening. I took the bag and headed up to the room.

Once inside the room, I opened up the bag and was surprised to see an "Aneros Peridise Large" anal stimulator! I was somewhat familiar with this device but have never tried it before. Also included was a small tube of a silicone-based lubricant and a rubber finger cot. There was a page of "instructions" as well as a questionnaire for results.

I read in the instructions that, upon insertion of the Peridise, I was to "retain" it for a MINIMUM of one hour (this seemed like a long time). As instructed, I could not masturbate either during or after this "session". However, I was to record my results so they could be presented the following morning when we had our "final" meeting.


I took a nice shower and prepared myself for the Peridise. I opened it, cleaned it up, opened the tube of lubricant and laid down on the bed on my side. I lubed-up my anus as instructed and put a generous amount of lubricant on the Peridise as well. I slowly inserted it as the instructions indicated and just started to relax on the bed. I wasn't wearing anything and got under the covers since it was a little cool. I made note of the time and remember that I needed to complete a full hour with the Peridise inside me. It did feel very good but I must admit that I was a little dubious about this ED treatment!


As I laid there, I was starting to feel some "quivers" coming from my anus that felt nice! As was given in the instructions, I could start to perform some light anal "contractions" after about 10 minutes. I waited that time and began to perform the contractions.

I found that these contractions caused the Peridise to "move" in and out ever so slightly within my anal cavity and the feelings I got from "within" were starting to build up to the point that I was getting an erection! I couldn't believe it! I had been laying on my stomach and felt the erection building up hard against the bed. It felt good!

I looked at the clock and realized that I still had a ways to go before the 1-hour mark….

As I laid there, I felt a stronger sensation within my anus and it appeared that the Peridise was beginning to "move" in and out all by itself even without contractions on my part! At the same time, I began to feel a "pumping" within me and a "burning sensation" like a strong "urge" to ejaculate! I had not felt this before either. I squirmed on the bed in this condition for a while and it started to subside. All the while, the contractions were continuing and I found it hard to concentrate on anything else but the pleasure I was getting!

More time went by (I checked the clock) and only about 40 minutes had passed. I started to wonder if I could even "make" the one-hour mark with this treatment? I held on and endured the "final" 20 minutes! It was a bit of an agony but it felt great! After that, I removed the Peridise and cleaned-up. Since I did not have the erection upon completion, I figured that this "experiment" was ultimately "wasted" on me. I put on my PJs, brushed my teeth and went to sleep.


About 2.5 hours later, I was "awakened" to find that I HAD AN INCREDIBLY HARD, PAINFUL ERECTION! My balls were equally as hard! I turned on the light and could not believe what I saw! I had enough "precum" to cover the head of my penis! I have never seen that before! I felt that in this "condition" I could easily "penetrate" and thrust to a climax! I was excited! I went back to bed and began to "play" a little with my new toy. I remembered, though, that I couldn't masturbate to ejaculation now. The erection lasted for about 25 minutes or so and slowly began to subside. I thought, during that time, I would have enough time to "satisfy" my date either with a handjob or with intercourse and she would be really impressed with my "maleness". Feeling very confident, I rolled over and went back to sleep.


The following morning, I had ordered some room service and had some coffee, eggs and toast. It was a sunny day and I felt pretty good. I opened up the bag and began to complete the "questionnaire". I noted in detail the "results" I had following the Peridise "session". I took a nice hot shower, got dressed and went down to the conference room for our post-"session" meeting.

I sat down and listened to the presentation for about 15 minutes. The presenter looked over the questionnaires and indicated to the "group" that, apparently, some participants (but not all) "had some success" overnight!

(Yeah, that was me!)

It was explained to me that the "aftershock" effect is what this experiment was all about. The key here is that the retention period of the Peridise needs to be at least ONE HOUR OR MORE, which is a long time to endure the "pleasurably agonizing" sensations of the Peridise (as I discovered). It was further explained that because of my "outcome", the "seminar" would be FREE for me and would not cost me anything except for the room and the meal!

With that, I "wrapped-up" this very SUCCESSFUL weekend. Since I was allowed to "keep" the Peridise, I could perform the same "technique" a couple of hours before I was expected to "perform" and I would be ready!

I left the conference room with a newfound confidence in my sexual ability! It's great to be a guy!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/ed-cure-with-peridise/