Busy March

(This was just posted to my blog at Bateworld.com – thought I'd re-post it here, too)

March has been kind of a strange and thrilling month for me, bate-wise. Ever since getting re-wired to have prostate orgasms with the Aneros massagers, all of my bate sessions have been enhanced with those great sensations eminating from my prostate. Some give you a mild, buzzy sensation and waves of pleasure (called p-waves by Aneros fans). Others approximate the feel of a normal orgasm, only you can have them over and over without losing stamina. A few times, however, I can work myself into these full-body orgasms which give your entire body the sensation of having an orgasm – with no cum! These full-body orgasms are called Super-Os by Aneros fans. I usually have these once a month, like clockwork, and most of the time they can be had without any massager inserted.

Although I hit a Super-O dry spell during 2015 (at one point, I noticed that a full six months went by with no Super-O), they've returned to their monthly schedule this year. Big time. So far in March, I've had a total of four Super-Os, including one last night that coincided with my regular penis orgasm (when the sensations of a Super-O overlap with a regular orgasm, it's called a Super-T). My prostate was buzzing. Instead of using a more reliable Aneros model, however, I decided to switch it up and use the Progasm. This one is bigger and heavier – you would think that would be better, but the bigger models are less mobile and thus less likely to bring about really great sensations. In the past, it hasn't done much for me, honestly, but when I stuck it in last night it was like my prostate was saying "thank you" and working it! Deep, intense p-waves followed. I would tease them out by gently touching the underside of my penis with my index finger. This went on for what seemed like an hour (probably closer to 25 minutes). Although I didn't get any Super-O, the intense sensations told me that SOMETHING great was going to come (cum) of it. Delirious and desperate for release, I finally started inducing a regular orgasm by cupping my thumb and index finger in an O-shape just under the ridge of my cock head. Finally, I could feel a Super-O coming on just as I was gently spurting out cum – oh my god. I would let about five seconds go between each spurt, which spurred my prostate on to new levels of ecstacy. Without a doubt, it was one of the best edging sessions I ever had. And it was from the Progasm, a model that I'd never had much success with before!

By the way, the book I'm writing that will teach men how to become multi-orgasmic is coming along nicely. I have the drafts on the first two chapters written – eight more to go! I also intend to have this available to the public, once it's published. I'm shooting (heh) for publication in the Autumn.

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