[Brag post] My sub-15 minute super o

Before I start this is a brag post; I just wanted to share this excitement with someone.

So I purchased a helix last week and was a complete beginner. I have had at least one session every day. I know this is more than Aneros says you should do at first but my roommate was away so I wanted to get familiar with it as quickly as possible. It took three days for me to get over the “urge to purge” but I finally did. After I got used to it being inside I did the “do nothing approach” and just focused on where the helix was touching inside. This initiated p waves which I now experience without the Helix in me.

I rode each p wave like a wave; just riding it out until I got feel the device deep inside of me. When I focused on this part it sent me into a brief super o but I could not fight the urge to touch my cock and came shortly thereafter. This was session number 4 and the brief super o came occurred about an hour and a half in.

The next day I took the same approach but kept my hands off my cock. Again this led to a brief superm o about an hour and a half in.

I did some more reading on how people were achieving super o’s and came across binaural beats. Flash forward to this morning.

I decided I would follow my usual do nothing approach but this time include binaural beats. I but some good headphones on and just focused on the tones. I shortly found that my p waves and cock would move in rhythm to the tones. I let a this happen for about 10 minutes and then decided to focus on a low tone and ride with it as I builds. If you aren’t familiar binaural tones contain pulsing beats and tones that move steadily higher. When the tone was building I found that my muscle movements did too. When they reached their peak so did I. This all happened within the first 15 minutes of listening to the tone.

The beat lasted for a little over a half hour and I had at least 5 super o’s in that period as I focused on building tones.

I am sorry for the brag post but I am just really excited. If you’ve been struggling I highly encourage binaural tones. As usual YMMV.

Some personal info that might be relevant: height 5’3 so my prostate is a bit lower, age 27 so I think I am a bit younger than the average Aneros user.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4b7xjb/brag_post_my_sub15_minute_super_o/


  1. Omg I am jealous been doing this for about 3 months now and just started getting p waves a couple days ago

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