“Only One Night”

[This story is quite graphic by nature]

My wife and I have been "trying" for about a year to make a baby. We have been married about a year and a half. It is difficult for us mostly because of me. I cannot use Viagra or any similar products due to an allergic reaction to sildenafil. I also have an "ongoing" issue with my erections. I can "get it up" okay but it does not stay very "hard" for long. Consequently, according to my wife's gynecologist, upon penetration, my semen is not deposited "deeply" enough in her vaginal canal, which apparently is longer than usual. Although we have "fun" trying, we desperately need to get pregnant since I found out recently that I will be spending about a year overseas for my work. I am a petrochemical engineer and we are constructing a new plant.

My wife has begun to "track" her most fertile days and would you believe, her "next" best day is the day before I am scheduled to leave! What a quandary! What can I do?


I began to do an online search for "natural" erection "cures" and was a little skeptical what I would find. I was intrigued by one ad I saw for a "natural" erection solution that did not involve any drugs or herbals. It was listed as a device that was inserted rectally that would cause the "hardest erection ever"! Again, I was very skeptical…..

However, it was only about 10 days since my departure, so I figured…..why not give it a try? What would I have to lose? Just the cost of the device. So I placed an order.


When the order came a few days later, I opened it and was surprised to find an 'Aneros Peridise Anal Stimulator'! I was somewhat familiar with the "look" of this device but have not ever tried it. I also didn't know the connection with my erectile issue. I was puzzled.

Included with the device were some rather "simple" instructions:

1. Lube yourself and the device well.
2. Insert it in rectum.
3. Try to "push" it in as far as possible.
3. Relax for about 30 to 45 minutes until just near ejaculation but do not ejaculate!
4. Remove the device.
5. Wait about 2 to 3 hours for an erection.

That was it! Didn't sound like much. Actually sounded like instructions for a laxative suppository! Maybe I was "scammed"! Well, since I didn't have many other options at this point, I decided to give it a try. I thought, if it didn't work, my wife and I could have sex ONE LAST NIGHT before I go!


On the night before I was to leave, I took a nice hot bath to get myself relaxed and ready. My wife was in the other bedroom "ready" for me. I told her what I was doing and said that I would (hopefully) be coming in to "visit" her during the night for some fun! I removed the Peridise from the package, applied the lube to myself and the device, laid over on my side and slowly inserted it. Ohhhhh! It feels good going in and I already feel myself getting hard! A good start! I gently "pushed" it into my rectum as far as it could go, as instructed.

W O W ! I turned down the lights in the bedroom and rolled over on my stomach on the bed and relaxed.

"Relax" is somewhat of a misnomer. I began to feel an immediate highly-pleasurable sensation within my rectum and anal canal. It seemed after a short while, that the device wanted to "move" in an out all on its own! When it did this, I got the MOST INTENSE PLEASURE I thought I could experience. I felt my erection getting stronger with every "movement". I just laid there and was starting to squirm from the pleasure. I began to do some light anal contractions as well. This went on for a while.

I suddenly felt a "burning ache" (hard to describe) but it definitely felt that I was being pumped-up with semen and headed for an ejaculation! I began some involuntary "thrusting" on the bed as I am slightly moaning. My penis was hard and was feeling VERY sensitive on the underside.

OMG! I thought. If I continue this much longer, I will ejaculate but I know I can't do that here!

So at this point, I stopped, rolled over and slowly removed the Peridise. It was a little difficult to remove since it had gone in so deeply into my rectum.

As instructed, I had to wait several hours before I would have an erection. I felt very horny but I knew that I had to wait. So I turned off the lights, rolled over and waited….and waited….


About 3 hours later (I looked at the clock) I was awakened to find that


I got up and to my surprise, my penis was being held above the 90-degree mark against my body! It was beginning to ache and my balls were hard as well. I believe I saw some "precum" already at the tip, so I know I would be ready to penetrate. There was no sign that this erection would subside anytime soon. I don't think Viagra would have done any better!

So I grabbed a bottle of lube I had on the nightstand, and went across the hall to "visit" my wife. She was not sleeping, she had a night light on, and I told her that I was "ready" for her. I showed here my erection!

"OMG!" she exclaimed! How do you feel? I told her that I can't wait to get it inside of her. After quickly lubing-up, I found that it was extremely easy to guide my "manhood" into her.

It didn't take too many thrusts for me to come! And I came hard within her! She told me that she felt the "pumps" of this powerful ejaculation within her followed by a warmth from the semen. I felt very proud that I was able to assist!


Needless to say, this erection "solution" worked! I left for my trip the following day, feeling good but still not knowing whether my wife was pregnant.

About two weeks later, she let me know that she was pregnant! We are expecting a baby boy! I feel so proud!


PS This story is a fantasy. I am not a petrochemical engineer. However, the "facts" of this erection are real. I did experience this tremendous "aftershock" erection about 3 hours later.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/only-one-night/