A Mostly “G” – Rated Session

[This session is graphic and is definitely NOT G-rated]

I began this session with Helix and I am starting this as "do-nothing" or more appropriately "do-little". I took a long relaxing hot shower beforehand and got really comfortable in bed. The Helix went in nicely and I began to settle-in on my right side.

I read in a recent post about trying to return to a "more relaxed" state during these sessions instead of an all-out orgasmic "frenzy" and that is what I did. After a few powerful involuntary abdominal thrusts, I returned to the relaxed state. I got an erection almost immediately upon insertion and was already starting to moan.

Things were going pretty well for 15 minutes or so (I guess) when I began to experience several "weird" sensations from the prostate. OF course there were the auto-contractions that were light at first. But there were a few odd "tickles" near/on the prostate that I don't really remember feeling before. These would not stop and I began to feel more regular but light auto-contractions. Oh BTW, during this time, I had to get up to close the door again (the dog had opened it up!). The act of walking seemed to wake-up the prostate more and as I crawled back into bed, I realized that the prostate had begun to "buzz". I really had a hard time coming back to the relaxed state……


I completely lost track of time……


I am now feeling more "regular" contractions and am beginning to feel the P-waves building up in my prostate. I now feel them with every contraction. My mind is beginning to "enter" a fantasy………


I am receiving a whole-body massage and am laying on a fairly large wooden table that is padded. I am laying on my stomach and my hands are above my head. Since I am getting a "full-body" massage, I am not wearing anything (I think I am laying on a soft towel) and it feels good. It is warm in the room. I am covered in massage oil that feels and smells good.

I am being massaged from head to toe by a young male masseur who has a great athletic build and fine strong hands. He has short hair and is fairly good-looking almost like a model. He is wearing a tank top and loose shorts and I can see his rippling muscular arms and legs. He begins to massage every part of my body and it feels so good. He gently caresses my upper torso, I can feel his strong, powerful hands all over me. I feel him spread my cheeks and begin to caress my anus. I am quite relaxed as I sink further into the fantasy……

…..He strokes his hands down my back and I feel them powerfully against my cheeks and within my anal crack and then further down my legs. He carefully moves my legs further apart on the table while continuing to massage them and my anal area and then he moves his hands up around my upper torso again. I can feel them massaging my underarms and then around my erect nipples and then my pectoral muscles and then all over again….and again. I also have a fairly muscular body and this massage feels great!

My mind sinks "deeper" into the pleasure I am experiencing from this whole-body massage……and I sink deeper still into the fantasy…………

…..Suddenly, I am shocked back into reality as I feel a more intense sensation from my prostate and feel more powerful contractions coming at regular intervals. They are getting stronger still……

………He has "straddled" me on the table and I feel his warm muscular body against mine. (He is not wearing any clothes now). The feelings in my anus and rectum continues to build and I now can sense the tip of his cock contacting the prostate with every thrust, slowly at first, then more vigorously. I am starting to moan, but very slightly.

I feel his hands again surrounding my upper torso, and I feel my underarms, arms, nipples, pecs, stomach, everywhere being massaged and "caressed" over and over again. I feel his hands circling around my anal opening.

My mind is wandering off into a sexual 'dreamland'…….I am feeling a prostate orgasm build with every thrust and I am starting to moan more loudly.

[I am experiencing a full-body orgasm that lasted perhaps a full 10 minutes].

Near the end I felt the sensation on the prostate start to diminish and I sensed that he had "come" within me. I felt his hard cock shrink a little but he did not yet withdraw it. He just laid there for a while next to me, both of us in TOTAL BLISS. I returned to a most-relaxing state…..


Some time passes……


I am very surprised to start to "feel" P-waves in my prostate again! I didn't think he could penetrate me again so soon! These P-waves are continuing to build to a more extreme feeling than before and I now knew that he in fact had "penetrated" me again! But this time he is using an anal plug of some sort and I didn't even feel it go in. But the sensations from my prostate are now building up to an extreme ecstasy and far beyond what I had felt before.

They are building up more now and I am starting to verbally moan:

NO! NO! NO! with every "thrust"

But it just continues more strongly and now more frequently.

I say STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! to him over and over again.

But there is no stopping him and I feel myself entering another powerful full-body orgasm. I am starting to shake my arms and legs. I am also starting to "convulse" on the table. At the same time, the pleasurable waves in my prostate continue to build and build and……

I feel his strong hands now moving all over my body, my underarms, my nipples, my perineum, my scrotum, my penis (which now is hard and leaking), my earlobes, my head and scalp, my butt cheeks, around my anal crack, everywhere at one time. This feeling was too intense for me and I screamed:



[I believe this orgasm lasted at least 10 minutes non-stop]


Eventually the feeling subsided and I settled in to a relaxing blissful state……for how long I don't know.


I came back to reality and realized that my massage was over! My lower back is now very sore from all the "twisting" I had performed on the table during this massage. This "ride" was over!

BTW, the "G" doesn't stand for "General"!


PS I had more difficulty removing the Helix as it seemed to have gone deeper into the anal canal this ride.

PS I had no idea this fantasy was coming! Should I have re-named this A Mostly "X" – Rated Session?

PS I realize that there is a significant amount of time that I can't account for in this ride which lasted well over an hour. Still don't know where it went. I suspect it was in the fantasy sequence which I was completely drawn into.

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