A Self-Challenge: Peridise (Large) Extended Daytime Session

I decided to do an extended daytime session with the Peridise (Large) anal stimulator. I decided to "track" my progress/results in about 5 minute intervals. There is nothing earth-shattering in this session, I just wanted to record it.

Here goes…..

15 Minutes – nothing unusual except for the usual erection.

20 Minutes – starting to have a "funny" feeling in anus perhaps peristaltic contraction?

25 Minutes – more powerful anal spasm. Starting to feel more intense feeling in anal canal.

30 Minutes – feel Peridise slightly moving in and out on its own. Erection half-hard.

35 Minutes – more intense breathing. More regular movement. Stronger feeling overall. Erection harder.

40 Minutes – starting to MOAN. More regular movement. Feels like something building up (anal orgasm?) Walking around causing almost unbearable pleasurable feeling. Erection hardest.

45 Minutes – Still hanging in. Erection mostly down.

50 Minutes – Feel like I am being pumped-up with semen. Maybe heading for an ejaculation caused by anal stimulation. Erection building up again.

55 Minutes – Still hanging in. Erection going down.

60 Minutes – Peridise feels like it pulled in more. More extreme pleasure now.

65 Minutes – Things settling down. Still some "auto contractions" of anus. Erection down.

70 Minutes – Still hanging in. End of session.


Upon removal of Peridise, I feel like my anal muscles have really been "worked-over" as I do some contractions. I guess this is normal.

Note: Doing contractions now feels like the prostate is "buzzing". May result in an erection hours later….I'll update this if needed.

I may "repeat" this session at a later time, except using Peridise (Small).

Uh-Oh! Sitting here doing mostly "involuntary" contractions has caused the prostate to start to spasm. I need to go lie down for a while and see what develops……OMG! The moderate contractions caused a Dry-O! with very powerful spasms with some shaking lasting I believe about 4 minutes. Now settling down, but I think there will be more…..

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-self-challenge-peridise-large-extended-daytime-session/