Waves Of Pleasure

I had just returned to bed after my usual early morning rise. I was trying to get some more rest. As I was lying there, I felt one distinct "twang" deep in my lower abdomen (I think I have felt this before just before a Super-O). Perhaps it was my prostate, I thought? I decided to do just some voluntary anal contractions as I tried to drift off to sleep.

As I kept doing these light contractions, I began to drift-off into a deep, relaxing thought……what if I can achieve a Super-O right here, right now. But after all, I had not had an Aneros session in over 2 days now. It probably was not possible. Anyway, I continued to do the light contractions when the most amazing thing happened…….

OMG! I am beginning to feel the beginnings of a prostate-induced orgasm! I began to feel it build, ever so slowly, but it distinctly was building. I had the urge to put a few fingers of my left hand back near my anus. Much to my surprise, the anal contractions now were "automatic"! I could feel the "pulsing" going on as the orgasmic feeling continued to build…..and build…..I realized that I could not stop it!

I I am now in the middle of a whole-body Super-O! I am starting to shake and convulse on the bed (Aless!!) I exhale a slight "moan" now with every breath. I feel an orgasmic "bliss".

I "rode" this orgasm out…..but while in this state, I continued to experience WAVE-UPON-WAVE of Super-O's. They just would not stop!


About 30 minutes later (I looked at the clock) the "waves" of pleasure were CONTINUING and somewhere in there I felt another "twang" from the prostate!

This "ride" was not over yet!

While I was in this state, I became very relaxed and almost could not move a muscle. I felt extreme calm. I also was experiencing a hard erection almost all throughout this orgasmic period.

How long will all this last? I wanted it to last a lot longer, and it probably could have. But I have to get up soon and now I am now intrigued…….

Can I "return" to these "pleasure waves" ANYTIME I WANT TO? I thought to myself: "What a wonderful way to get to sleep!"

I think I can……..Am I "re-wired" for this pleasure?


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/waves-of-pleasure/