Some Reflection On The Super-Orgasm

I thought this would be a good time to stop and reflect on the Super-O as it is called. I already have experienced quite a few of these. Although no two have been exactly the same, there are some similarities.

First off, the Super-O is similar to the normal penile ejaculation only for a few seconds. Since it is a "dry-orgasm" for the most part, there is no refractory period. Thus, it is possible to have multiple sequential prostate orgasms in one "session" and I in fact have had probably up to ten at a time.

What happens during a Super-O? That is really a mystery of my body, since no two have been exactly the same. I have experienced at one time or another: involuntary muscle contractions, whole-body shaking and movement, uncontrollable erections, total body paralysis (a little scary), out-of-body experience, complete memory loss (or fog), flashing colors, uncontrollable emotions such as crying, extreme warmth of body, foggy vision, 'phantom' ejaculate discharge, and probably a few things which I experienced but did not remember clearly.

During a recent Super-O, I distinctly felt the pleasurable interaction between the stimulator contact with the prostate and the P-tab. These two pleasurable "feelings" set-up a feedback loop that continued to build into the Super-O.

When presenting these "symptoms" to a friend or even my wife, it is very difficult to explain just "why" I want to continue to have them! First off, trying to explain this to a female such as my wife is an impossibility since she does not even have a prostate and will NEVER know what it feels like. Even a "regular" penile ejaculation is a completely "foreign" feeling to her (except when she can "feel" me cum inside her).

Why do I want to continue to experience them? Why do I want to have ejaculations? You must be kidding, right?
As I have posted in previous blogs about this, there is no more powerfully pleasurable, f*****g feeling a male can have than a sexual feeling, especially a sexual discharge like an ejaculation or dry-orgasm. By the way, this expletive would probably fit many aspects of the prostate orgasm once experienced! And the prostate stimulation, in my opinion, is the ULTIMATE male stimulation, bar none! Just look (or feel) what impact and interaction the prostate has on the rest of the male body: the penis and erections, the testicles (especially the scrotum), the perineum (an incredibly sensitive region near the anus), and the anus itself! Probably near the "center" of male sexuality except for the penis. Then there are all the 'auxiliary' sexual pleasure centers: the nipples, underarms, and any other erogenous area of the male body. That is why the Super-O, in my opinion, interleaves almost all aspects of male sexuality.

And the penis! Who needs Viagra when prostate stimulation causes such EXTREME ERECTIONS! I have had rock-hard erections from Aneros lasting almost two hours! I probably have had more erections in the past month with Aneros use than the last year! Of course, they are painful! But that is the price we males have to pay (just like women and their periods!)

I look forward to the Super-Os with a certain amount of 'mystery'. Like a good murder mystery, you usually don't know who "did it" until the end of the movie. Same way with a Super-O; you don't know what it will be like UNTIL IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS! This is quite different from a penile ejaculation which (pardon my attitude) seems just a little 'lame' by comparison. Of course, in my case, I cannot experience the Aneros or Peridise "sessions" without also experiencing an ejaculation at some point after. My body will tell me in no uncertain terms that it needs a seminal 'discharge'. If I don't, WOW! I will feel pumped-up with semen until I am ready to explode! I will have to release the pressure or I will be in extreme agony!

I guess what I am trying to express is that the Super-O represents the epitome of being a male. It is a part of every guy by nature of his prostate. In all actuality, having had a prostate my entire life, I NEVER KNEW the pleasure that can be experienced with it until I embarked on the Aneros journey. I don't think it is just another component of being extremely 'horny' as some would say. It is part-and-parcel of my existence as a male. The females have their 'g-spot', we males have our 'p-spot'! And all of these components of the "Super-O" ALREADY EXIST within my male body! There is nothing that I am experiencing that is not already INSIDE ME! An awesome thought!

How can one describe the "feelings" leading-up to a prostate orgasm and in particular the Super-Orgasm? That is really a mystery. Sure, it "feels good" but what exactly does that mean? Same way that stroking your penis "feels good" but can you really explain it to someone, especially to a female? I don't think so.

You just have to "feel" it.

To achieve the Super-O, you have to "let go" and just feel it and let it happen. You can't force it. This is quite different from a penile ejaculation where you have to keep 'stroking' either by hand or within a body cavity to achieve it. Otherwise, you will lose it.

Interesting, but by doing almost 'nothing' look at all the pleasure and fringe benefits (erection, ejaculation) that comes with the prostate orgasm! A pretty good investment in my opinion! Even seasoned Aneros users swear by the so-called "do-nothing" method! As many users know (including me), sometimes doing "nothing" can result in a Super-O!

In my humble opinion, once you have arrived at 'the top of the mountain' (Super-O) you are not looking 'down', rather you are still looking 'up' and 'ahead'! For the possibilities to be encountered are yet to be discovered!

I do know this: I want to continue to experience Super-Os until the day I die! Is there such a thing as the "ultimate" Super-O? I can dream………….


PS I originally "invested" in the healthy aspects of prostate stimulation. I NEVER expected all of the pleasure! That is a great "fringe benefit" and one which I am not about to give up.