“Something New”

I thought I would start out with the Pro Jr. I lubed myself up with Wet Platinum. Then I lubed up the Pro Jr. with a generous amount of Boy Butter. This "extra" lubing will become significant as I move on into this session.

I slowly inserted the Pro Jr. and it felt really good. I began this session as a "do-nothing" and just started to do some light contractions. Several times during this part, I "felt" the Pro Jr. wanting to "slip out" and in fact it did slip out I believe twice. I didn't want to abort the ride but I was unable to continue it with Pro Jr.


I decided to "switch" to Helix. Since I was already thoroughly lubed-up, I decided to just "go for it" with the Helix. It slid right in (without any lube on it) and felt so good! I laid back and just relaxed in the moment……[I am continuing anal contractions and feel great. However, I am not yet experiencing any tendency toward an orgasm and I am a little disappointed].

What happens next is a "transition" to this sessions' lifelike "fantasy". Let me try to share………

While I have my head buried under the pillows, I developed the very real sense of being "approached" in bed by…….a woman. I don't know what she looked like or even how old she was, but I could feel her warm naked body next to mine and could smell a faint scent of perfume. (I imagined that she was gorgeous and sexy).

She holds me tight and I can feel her warm ample breasts against my back. She reaches around and begins to caress my pecs and my upper torso. She keeps doing this and eventually she "moves" me around to another position on the bed. [I am still doing anal contractions and they become stronger and more regular. This continues until I realize that……..]

She has aroused and effortlessly "penetrated" me and I can feel her beginning to "thrust" inside of me. What "it" looked like I don't know, but I distinctly felt it moving in and out of me. With every thrust, I felt it contact my prostate. I felt it grow larger and stronger and I began to "thrust" and grind in consonance with her thrusts. She kept this up for a while, both increasing and then decreasing the frequency and depth of her thrusts. At one point, she almost 'withdrew' it but then, teasingly, she forcefully thrust it in again! OMG! She is now reaching down and starting to caress my balls and my perineum with her soft fingers. She reaches further down and takes a gentle hold of my penis and begins to circle around the head while she continues to caress my balls. OMG! I am drifting further and deeper into this fantasy………..which is now real.

She "re-positions" me several times on the bed while still in me, as she continues her thrusts. She moves my body around on the bed like a skilled conductor, knowing exactly what she expects from me. She stops for a while and we are both laying there, in total bliss………

She starts thrusting again, first slowly, then building to a more regular pace and she "maneuvers" me yet again to another position. With this position, I can clearly feel my prostates' contact with "her" member and I am beginning to thrust "my" member on the bed in sync with hers. I feel like I am going to "come" with her!

What happens next is so vivid that I am still there…….she again grabs hold of me around my upper torso and I feel her soft hands around my shoulders. She fondles my head and my hair. I feel her gentle, wet kisses against the back of my neck. She continues to move her soft fingers all over my body, going up and down until I am almost unable to think…..She is thrusting more forcefully now…….


She continues her strong, deep thrusting, almost effortlessly, until I feel both of us building-up to an "orgasm". We are both starting to breath more heavily. Suddenly, we both forcefully "come" as we are both moving about on the bed. Everything then settles down quickly and she is "done". She still has her "cock" in me and I can still feel it inside of me……..She holds on tightly to my chest and I love the feel of her soft, warm breasts against my back once again. I smell her perfume. We lay there for what seems like an eternity……….I am in total bliss over what just happened to me and I am drifting off to a relaxed euphoric state……she is still holding me tight!


Note: As I review this session, I now realize that this is the closest feeling I'll ever get to what it feels like for a woman (me) to be penetrated by a guy (her). The sensations that I developed and my resulting responses during "her thrusting" were so real. It is as if my prostate "became" her clitoris during her anal (my vaginal) intercourse. This was a "role-reversal" that now seems so realistic it almost ceased to be "fantasy". In this session, the line between reality and fantasy almost disappeared. It begs the question: who is male and who is female? Appearances can be deceiving!

Note: I did not ejaculate during this session but I felt I came close when "she" climaxed.

Note: Not sure why the Pro Jr. could not be retained. Perhaps my rectum was not empty enough (this happened once before).


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