THIS might change everything!

Dudes! Dudes. Why have none of you mentioned this before?!

I fall into the category of aneros early adopters. I got a Progasm back when it was one of maybe two models that they made and before there were any other (far, far cheaper) rip off models on the market.

I was crazily excited by the prospect of a prostate orgasm and I knew this was going to be the key to attaining it once again (I’d had some luck doing it manually before). Sadly, I was wildly disappointed. The insertion and removal was great, but the whole idea was to not have to use your hands, right?

Anyway, after lots and lots of mild pleasure just keeping it in, but no real fireworks. Ever. I eventually have up on it and threw it out. : (

BUTT! I just ran across Aneros Vice

They make a slightly thicker, silicone covered, **vibrating** one now?! How is it that no one has mentioned this to me?

Holy carp, I’m freaking out! Has anyone here tried this yet?! Is it awesome? I’ll bet it’s awesome. It’s awesome isn’t it? C’mon, you can tell me. Is it great?


Okay, no. But seriously, has anyone tried this? It looks like they’ve solved every complaint I ever had about my Progasm, so, hopefully needless to say, I’m very excited by this prospect.

Any and all information anyone has will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  1. The Vice is a pretty good toy all in all. My only gripe is that I need a more powerful vibrator for prostate stimulation than the Muse vibe it comes with can provide. The Muse is a gentle vibe, and I need something rumbly and strong.

    That said, it’s a great toy if you dig the Progasm. If you’re interested in trying the Vice, drop me a PM. I never use mine anymore and I’ll sell it to you at a good price.

  2. As far as ‘vibrating prostate massagers’ go, there are definitely better options. It’s just a regular aneros device with a liptstick vibrator shoved into it.

    The Lelo Hugo and the Nexus Revo are both excellent options; designed from the ground up to be excellent vibrating prostate massagers.

  3. I’m in the same boat as you. Never got the fireworks with the early Aneros, and bought one of these Vices. Still no fireworks, and (worse) it’s thicker and bigger and even less comfortable. The vibe is nice, though.

  4. If you aren’t having results with the Progasm it’s probably because it is not for novice users. The Helix Syn is probably your best bet though the program jr is the one that got me going the most at first. I own every model of the aneros and the vice is extremely difficult to manipulate so if you’re having problems with the program the vice will only be more of a challenge. I’ve had a few good sessions with it after using a couple of other models for an hour to get warmed up. There are so many variables when it comes to having the aneros work for you that it’s hard to say that if you get a certain model you will have better luck. Once you can get pleasure out of one model, they all will give you pleasure in different ways. I think a lot also has to do with lube. I go with a thin layer of Vaseline on the aneros, followed by injecting astroglide (water based for silicone products, silicone for the plastic ones), and then a layer of ky jelly to help with getting it in. Hope that helps!

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