Is it even touching?

Hey everyone, first off, let me say that I’m new here and think the community is awesome and supportive from my vantage point as a lurker. Thanks for that. I’ve been using the aneros helix syn for about ten sessions now. I guess my problem is that I don’t feel anything. Not good or bad or full or painful or anything. I’m not sure there’s even been contact with the prostate. There’s been no leakage, no sustained erection, nothing. That includes the do nothing approach and the light clenching. The only time I felt anything was last night when I broke the hands free rule and pressed my penis down to be perpendicular to my body, being careful to avoid touching the head of my dick. That gave me a nice feeling of pressure and later I had a really good penile masturbation session. Not bad but not the transcendence that people talk about. I’m 6’3, is it possible that I’m literally not making contact with the prostate or is that impossible? Thoughts?



  1. Try using your finger to see if you can identify where the prostate is/how it feels. For me, it’s a subtle feeling, when using the Aneros it builds throughout the session. Which body position and lube are you using? See if switching that up changes anything, maybe the device’s mobility is being hindered.

    Good luck!

  2. I’m the same height and it works fine for me, I’m sure ‘it doesn’t fit’ is a common feeling. I’d suggest pre lube so there is plenty and experimenting with positions. My go to if I’m struggling is pillow under my lower back knees bent with feet flat on the bed.

  3. I’m in a similar situation, I think.

    I started off with a Helix Syn. Unfortunately after a few sessions, it really does seem like it’s not contacting anything inside, even with reasonably strong contractions.

    I did pick up a Progasm, as I’m happy with fairly big toys inside me, and that definitely feels like it’s contacting something, but it’s a pretty indistinct feeling. Not pleasurable, not painful, just ‘something’.

    I’m 6’1 / 185cm and currently rather large build – could it be something as unusual as too much body fat and the aneros is being ‘buffered’ away from the prostate?

    Otherwise I’ll keep at it – changing up positions and the like. Maybe I’m just slow to adapt 🙂

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