First Ride: HIH PS-NEW

I decided to buy the HIH PS-NEW and gave it a "ride". First off, the PS-NEW is the "original" prostate stimulator and was designed as a therapeutic "medical device". It is recommended for men 5 ft 11 inches and over. Since I am 6 ft 3 in, I am 'qualified'. Let me say that it lives up to it's reputation!

I lubed myself up with Wet Platinum and the HIH with a generous helping of Boy Butter. One thing I notice right off is that the P-tab on this original design is further toward the testicles than the other Aneros products. Not sure if this will have any bearing on the resulting ride, I'll find out soon.

The PS-NEW has a distinct "head" and has been designed with two "nodules" or protrusions on the top of the head. These are designed to provide more direct pressure on the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

The PS-NEW inserted much like most other Aneros stimulators. It felt 'longer' going in. The 'ribbed' bottom felt different but once in use, it didn't seem to be too bothersome. The P-tab location definitely felt 'different' that usual. It lies further back towards the testicles.

Now here comes the actual "ride" sensation……

First-off, I experienced an IMMEDIATE erection with the PS-NEW. The instructions say to wait about 15 minutes before doing any contractions, and it is recommended to perform 30 contractions. Session "lengths" are recommended to be 30-45 minutes including relaxation. Recommended frequency is 2-3 times per week.

I experienced an almost IMMEDIATE fairly large quantity of 'precum' or clear prostatic fluid from the penis. WOW! This device feels like I am in a doctor's office and getting my prostate "milked". I suppose that is why it was designed. I was unable to wait the full 15 minutes before starting the contractions.

With every contraction, I was getting more discharge from the penis and a more 'sore' feeling from the prostate. So much so, that I needed a tissue periodically to wipe-off! Otherwise, I would leave a small 'puddle' on the bed!

I could not take too much of this device at first. I only lasted about 25 minutes or so before my prostate was already feeling 'well-milked' and a little sore and since I had a good amount of discharge, I thought it be best to stop. My prostate was sufficiently "milked" for this session! I have not had this amount of discharge from ANY other Aneros product!

Side Note: I am not sure how often I will be using the PS-NEW since I already have three other Aneros products. Perhaps a once-a-week schedule for PS-NEW may be sufficient.

I feel that this device at least for me obviously does not immediately lend itself to feelings of impending orgasm or even a Super-O. I doubt that I would be able to continue a lengthy "ride" with it. I don't think that was the intention of the original design. If it was designed by a urological doctor for prostate self-massage, I think he got it right! None of my Aneros massagers provide the same strong level of prostate massage. Since I couldn't go longer than about 25 minutes, I don't know if the session will lengthen on future "rides". Time will tell!

All-in-all, I am pleased with my purchase of the HIH PS-NEW. At least, I know I HAVE a prostate and it is filled with fluid!


PS I believe that the Aneros MGX is almost identical to the PS-NEW except no nodules on the head and the P-tab has been moved further back toward the anus.

PS Woke up with a very strong erection about 4 hours later.