“Wanna Go For A Ride?”

This started so innocently…….

I was sitting in my computer chair, just 'surfing' as I usually do. I thought, why not do a few anal contractions?

Before long, I felt myself slightly "rocking" back and forth in the chair and also side to side, but very slightly. I felt a nice "ache" in my prostate region, then….

BAM! I am starting to convulse in the chair! I am having a 'Mini' full-body orgasm right in the chair!

This one only lasted a minute or so but it was powerful.

I put my hands over my eyes and began to slightly "rock" side-to-side in the chair and….. I am starting to feel another "buzz" building up. I can't stop it now and the anal contractions seem almost involuntary as I am typing this. I am stopping to cover my eyes again…..

Ohhhh! That one wasn't as strong but lasted about two minutes. I think I'll stop while I have the chance!
I am intrigued…..where else can I experience this? The shower? At the breakfast table? In a restaurant?

Oh the possibilities!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/wanna-go-for-a-ride/