“A New Way To The Super-O”

I have been having difficulty achieving a whole-body “Super Orgasm” in my Aneros sessions and it felt like I hit a “brick wall” in my progress. I have the Eupho and I like it, but so far, I have been unable to progress to anything resembling a Super-O!

I was intrigued when I found out about a “new” technique to help guys like me achieve this important milestone. It involves a combination of relaxation meds and hypnotic orgasmic suggestion. The best part of this is that it is FREE! Apparently, this technique is in the “trial” stage and volunteers were needed to “validate” the process!

This special “session” was to be held in a local “clinic” not far from where I live. I made arrangement to participate. I was to be prepared to spend the night and to bring my favorite Aneros model and some lube. I like my Eupho so I brought it along with Boy Butter.

I showed-up on a Saturday night about 8PM. This was to be an “overnight” session. There were about three other guys there also participating but I didn’t know any of them. We all met in a “conference room” beforehand and the “moderator” explained to us how this “session” was going to work. We would go to one of the clinics’ “private rooms” (which were set-up like small bedrooms each with a bed, table, light). We were to get relaxed (I generally do my Aneros sessions in the nude), and insert the Aneros as we normally do.

When we were well relaxed, we were to take the yellow-and-white “capsule” we were provided at the meeting and then proceed with our “session”. We were told that this med is powerful and works quickly so we have to be really “ready” before we take it. We were told that the way the med works is like this. There were three components:

1. Initial relaxation – we will feel very relaxed and sleepy but will be aware of what is going on. While relaxed, we will be subjected to some hypnotic “music” and some orgasmic “suggestions” which we will not even be aware of. We will, however, be “tuned-in” and aware of our session results for this phase.

2. Deep relaxation – the time-release “phase” of the med will kick-in and we will fall into a deep “hypnotic-induced” state and we will not be aware of anything. A video camera in our room will ‘record’ any movement on our bed during this time.

3. Transition to “normal” – The effects of the meds will wear off and all hypnotic components will stop. By this time, it is expected that our bodies will “remember” the previous orgasms and we should now be able to “orgasm” without any meds or outside effects.

I was “ready” to go! I took off all my clothes and inserted the Eupho as I laid on the bed (which was quite comfortable by the way). I turned-off the light. I had an immediate erection and it felt good! I took the capsule with some water and laid back in bed on my right side like I usually do.

[A short time passes, then….]

Oh my! I am beginning to feel a little “funny”. I feel slightly dizzy. My muscles are beginning to weaken and I am feeling like I do just before I fall asleep. I feel the Eupho giving me some P-waves like it usually does. I have to close my eyes, I can’t keep them open…..

{some time passes]

I am now vaguely aware of some “background” music playing that sounds really good. I am very sleepy now. I do a long “contraction (where I count to 50 and then release) that I have found to be helpful. I do this and when I release the contraction, I am now getting some involuntary contractions start to build. I feel more movement of the Eupho now and suddenly have had a few “involuntary” abdominal contractions! I repeat the contraction “hold” to a count of 50 again and release. This time, I feel the P-tab “pulsing” along with the anal contractions.

Suddenly, I feel myself starting to shake and I am convulsing on the bed! I don’t know how long this continued but it was a Super-O!

I am now getting more relaxed and the room is beginning to spin….I am losing awareness of who or where I am. I am losing consciousness…….

[While in this phase, I have no memory so I will review the video at a later time. An indeterminate amount of time passes.]


I am waking up now and I am vaguely aware of my surroundings again as I am starting to “come-out” of the hypnotic state. The “music” has stopped and I can feel the Eupho moving much more freely inside of me. I continue with the anal contractions and they feel very good.

By now, I have a full erection and along with the contractions, I feel a need to do some pelvic thrusts as well as some nipple stim. All the while, I feel like I am building-up to a HFWO! I feel the tip of my penis and it is wet! I continue with the contractions some more. However, it is apparent that I will not achieve an HFWO now…..so I decide to “end” this session, a little disappointed but at least I knew that I did achieve a whole-body Super-O!. I removed the Eupho and rolling-over, drifted back to sleep. I was tired and looked forward to the rest.


The following morning, I awoke, and got dressed. I went down to the conference room where we were supposed to meet at 9AM. They had some coffee and cakes for us which was nice. We were asked about our experience during the night. Everyone had a similar “story” to tell, including me. It would appear that all four of us guys had similar results with the med and all of us achieved a Super-O! The ‘trial’ was a success!

Then they dimmed the lights in the room and we were showed a compilation of videos from the ‘deep relaxation’ phase of this session. In almost all cases, the ‘participants’ (including me) were shown strongly ‘convulsing’ and ‘shaking’ on the bed….


Apparently, we all had progressed to achieving a Super-O and we should be able to achieve it again, this time without any meds. We were given a copy of the video to take home. I couldn’t wait for my nest ride!


PS This story is a fantasy. It “developed” during a recent Eupho session just as presented.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-new-way-to-the-super-o/