“Aless Orgasm: Micro-Contractions”

I didn't have time for a regular Aneros session so while I was in bed, I began to ponder the thought of achieving an "O" Aless. My prostate was not "buzzing" for over a day and I didn't think it would be possible. Boy was I wrong! Let me explain…….

I began to do some "regular" light contractions but something crossed my mind: I remember (years ago!) doing penis stim for a long time, just lightly "stroking" or "tapping" on the underside of the head, while erect. This used to go on for quite a long time and usually left me in agony with a considerable amount of precum until I 'came'. So I thought, why not with the anal contractions?

While laying on my side, I began to do 'ever-so-slight' contractions, almost like a 'whisper'. I kept this up for a while, perhaps 15 minutes or so without any feeling. At the same time, I tried to relax my mind as much as possible and "imagined" only the thought of a contraction, not a real contraction. I kept this up for a while as well.

I resumed the whisper or "micro-contractions" again for about 15 or 20 minutes more. I was surprised that I was starting to "feel" a VERY SLIGHT "buzzing" from the prostate. When I stopped the anal contractions for a short while, I was surprised to feel some more powerful auto-contractions! This was accompanied by more of a prostate "buzz". I "echoed" these auto contractions with more "whispers" and guess what happened? Still stronger auto-contractions! I kept doing this for probably 10 minutes more or so. I then felt a "warm" cramp-like feeling in my lower groin and it was accompanied by some pretty powerful abdominal contractions. Before I know it, I was in the middle of an Aless Dry-O! Who knows, if I continued these micro-contractions, could I have progressed even to a "Super-O"? I ran out of time but I believe I could. Perhaps the next opportunity…..

Until the next ride………….

PS While sitting here completing this, I try to perform a few "micros". OMG! There are "butterflies" in my rectum and I am starting to get an erection! This is very interesting!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/aless-orgasm-micro-contractions/