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Hey everyone, I have a helix syn and have been experimenting with minimal results, I have done 2 “sessions”.. The second session I manually came a few times and noticed when I did I would have a pulsing feel deep in my hole near the end of the syn, was that my prostate? Also, I can’t find a precise answer but how do prostate / vaginal orgasms compare? People say they are similar and I am curious.

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  1. I’m not sure I can answer your first question because I’m still pretty new to this. But, I wouldn’t say your orgasms are going to be like vaginal orgasms. From what I’ve read though, it’s more like a woman’s orgasm because if done right will cause you more like full body orgasms with no traditional orgasm which means no refractory period.

  2. First off, the pulsing was likely your prostate, yes, though I’ve felt it bump my bladder in a similar fashion (you see [where the tip of the Aneros rests](http://www.cynsationalmassage.com/images/AnerosInserted.gif)). If the pulsing felt pleasant, than it was likely the former.

    It takes practice, but yes, you can achieve multiple prostate orgasms with no refractory period (the first of each session is harder, then the rest fall in place more easily). It took me multiple sessions before I felt much, and even more after that before I got the hang of it. You’re only on session #3 now – just take the time to get acquainted with the device, and your body will start to learn how to derive pleasure from it (‘rewiring’ they call it).

    The key to success really is to lower your expectations. If you start a session trying to have a full body orgasm, it’s just not going to happen. You’ll get frustrated, start contracting harder and harder trying to force something, and then quit, disappointed. This early on, I recommend the ‘do nothing’ approach – just try to passively observe the sensations generated by the device. It takes time for the waves of pleasure to build.

    Stick with it, the results are worth it!

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