Aneros “Tunnel” Challenge

[This "mini-fantasy" was rather superficial]

A friend of mine (who also happens to be an Aneros-fan) and I found ourselves on a walk which we like to do. It was a warm summer day and we were dressed minimally. We were in a remote part of the state when we came across a fairly long but abandoned tunnel. You could see the end from the entrance so it wasn't too dark. It was pretty deserted and there was no one around except us.

Now my friend and I are a little 'weird' in that we 'carry' an Aneros and a small tube of lube when we go out together, for just an occasion as this one. My friend threw-down a challenge to me:

"I challenge you to an Aneros race. We will insert our Aneros' and the first guy to make it to the end of the tunnel WINS!"

"You're on!" I quickly said. "How difficult could this be?" [I usually do my Aneros sessions laying down so this will be a snap.]

So, crazy as this sounds, we both quickly had our Aneros' in and began the long walk to the end of the tunnel. "This will be a snap!" I thought.


Now I'm sure I did NOT win this 'race'. Let me explain……..


I began the walk to the end of the tunnel and it was going pretty well when I suddenly was forced to lay down right on the ground. I selected my Helix for our walk today, and as soon as I started walking, I already was experiencing a good deal of P-Waves from it. Those P-Waves quickly escalated into 'Auto-Fuck' contractions. If you've ever experienced them, you know the feeling. One interesting thing about these contractions though…..


I just laid there on the ground inside this abandoned tunnel, moaning (almost lightly screaming) but the auto-fuck contractions just continued! I felt like I was being fucked right there in the tunnel! I am also starting to experience some whole-body contractions and some shaking at the same time. This continued for probably 10 to 15 minutes non-stop. Then there was a brief break.

I was finally able to get-up and start walking again. But it wasn't too long when…..

OMG! The auto-fuck contractions have started up again! Again, I was forced to the ground, moaning, and I couldn't stop the autos. They were going at a more rapid pace now and the intensity was greater as well. Probably another 20 minutes or so until I was able to gain my composure and get up to continue the walk……

But (you guessed it!) I was unable to get very far when I was forced-down to the ground a third time. This time I am getting a 'tingling' feeling throughout my whole body…..

It would appear now that…


So after about 45 minutes, I 'threw-in-the-towel' and conceded this challenge to my friend, who already was on the other side of the tunnel. Since he didn't see me, he turned around and began to walk back towards me.

"What took you so long?" he asked.

Oh, if he only knew!………….


PS This "mini-fantasy" was inspired by a long series of 'auto-fuck' contractions during this Helix ride.

PS I finished this ride with Peridise (Large) and my silicone anal beads with a strong E.