How to use Helix Syn/Aneros properly?

I just got my Helix Syn and I’ve had 2 sessions so far. I’m confused on what I should be doing to get pleasurable sensations and orgasms. I haven’t really felt any pleasure from either session. I did precum quite a bit throughout both sessions but I didn’t really get any pleasurable feelings. And toward the end of my first session I thought I might have felt a few gentle muscle twitches.

Typically I start on my back with my knees bent since this position is comfortable. Then I spend the first 10 minutes trying to relax, not doing any contractions. Then after 10 minutes I start contracting then relaxing the contraction and then repeating the contraction process. I would also masturbate occasionally throughout both sessions but stop before I cum. Both of my session were a little over an hour long.

I guess I have a few questions. Should I be contracting or should I just do nothing (do nothing approach)? And if I should be contracting, with what intensity should I do it with? Do I need to focus on breathing at all? Should I refrain from touching me penis or masturbating during a session or does it matter? Are there any specific things/actions that I need to be doing in order for the Syn to work?

From the Aneros website forums, it does seem like it takes a while to master using this toy, but I want to make sure I’m doing everything right.



  1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Make sure to stay focused on what your prostate is feeling. Contractions can definitely help with that. I suggest not doing contractions a few sessions too, if only to see how it feels. If one method feels better, then keep exploring it.
    It would actually help to stop jacking off, too. The prostate is a new sensation (it was for me at least), so focusing on it alone during a ride will help you get feelings from it sooner. Enjoy the ride!

  2. Second that you are on the right track. You’re definitely asking the right questions at least. I would like to try help and clear some of this up for you.

    First, you have to leave your penis alone during the sessions. Sometimes your arousal will be through the roof. Feel free to traditional masturbate afterwards. Once you’ve decided the session has come to a good place pull the aneros out and consider regular “jacking off” as a whole separate endeavour. Just don’t touch or stimulate your penis DURING. I digress…

    You stated that you start with a ten minute relaxation, chill, a.k.a. I call this the get used to a foreign object in my bum adjustment period. This is the way to go. I always start a good sesh by doing some gentle breathing exercises maybe listen to some ambient rain or meditation tracks. Key is to just try to relax. Just relax. Really…. Let yourself relax first it’s damn important. And if that means you’ve got too much real life shit going on around you realize it might hinder the experience.

    Next great question you asked was about “should I do nothing or try contractions and if so how strong?” Paraphrasing, but seriously good questions. I find a lot of success by starting with some light contractions after the relax phase and then letting those trigger/foster future involuntary contractions or what is usually described as the do nothing approach.

    To explain….(a little) start off slow with those gentle contractions you were saying you were doing. It works well to start in time with your breath. But, keep in mind practice a HARD contraction a 50% contraction a 25% a 12.5 and as light of a contraction as you can manage. Practice different strength contractions a little to know what each feels like.

    I do this exercise a lot. As you breath in contact at a 25% full contraction through a five count inhale. Hold your breath and contraction three counts then on a steady five count exhale try to hold the lightest possible contraction you can and keep it steady until you get back to the inhale counts again. This can be mixed up infinitely especially once your good enough to isolate pc from anal from rectal muscles. I got huge strides from learning to start a tug of war between my pc and anal sphincter. Anyway, long story short you will likely start having involuntary twitches at least (which you already mentioned in your post).

    At a certain good point switch over to the pure do nothing method. I might do the “voluntary” contractions for about ten or fifteen minutes post relax phase. By this point I am usually in la la land, but note… this is a learned response from experience. If you steadily worked yourself/prostate up like this and you have good enough erotica/porn is a nice /r/gonewildaudio going things will start to get really really interesting. I promise! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ “.

    /u/zigamazu makes a vital point that you have to tune into the sensations down there. Let it ride. Take your time and just enjoy any immediate benefits or good sensations you ALREADY feel not ones you think you should be feeling because you read about some ass hat who posted that he had 400 orgasm in a session. Baghhh it’s definitely really good, revolutionary even, but to get there you have to feel what your feeling not what you THINK you should be feeling

    On a closing note. A lot of people are not sure why some people say to do contractions vs. Do nothing. The answer why…. I don’t know for sure, community discuss. I have find success kind of using gentle and light contractions to help stir up and kind of pass the baton onto involuntary contractions mode. If your aroused enough (given)I feel like this relax-> voluntary-> involuntary transitioning technique can learn ya into finding the blissful states everyone is looking for.

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