Hands free ejaculation or to much friction?

I recently bought myself the Aneros Vice as my first ever Aneros but far from my first experience with anal toys. This is my first anal toy that is hands free and directed at the prostate so I don’t have any experience reaching prostate orgasms other than the 4 sessions I’ve had with the Vice so far.

My first session had involuntary contractions and it felt reallly good but no where near a true orgasm. The next 2 sessions weren’t anything special either. The session that I literally just finished was the best by far because I believe I had a pretty much hands-free ejaculation.

Basically I started off relaxing and whatever then eventually started doing very rapid voluntary contractions that triggered involuntary contractions. I was on my stomach so the clenching also thrusted my penis on my bed. I felt a gradual build up in both my prostate and my penis until I knew I was about to cum so I got up and watched as my cock shot out cum all by itself. As I felt the climax coming on the audio tape told me to stop but I refused because I could feel my cock wanting to cum. If I would have stopped I think I would have achieved an actual prostate orgasm.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4e2snj/hands_free_ejaculation_or_to_much_friction/


  1. i would say your on the right tract best advice i could give is to relax relax relax and try to keep your arousal as high as possible. You have had better results than what i have had in such little time.

    You wont get the same results every time. Every time will be different, and no session will be exactly the same as the last one. I see that in alot of posts and I would say that is true that not every session is the same. With that said i would say keep doing what you are doing it will get better over time if anybody else wants to chime in on this would be great

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