“Wired For Pleasure”

My recent experiences with erotic hypnosis and especially binaural beats have put excess stress on my heart and since I have had an episode of irregular heartbeat in the past (caused by excess caffeine) and have recently experienced some again, I feel it is best that I curtail my Aneros usage and binaural beats for an indefinite period of time….

That said, I have "renewed" my passion for my wife and we have had several great episodes lately. No details but suffice it to say that things have been progressively building up to a sexual explosion. I feel wonderful!

I worried that I would be deprived of my Aneros sessions. That all changed this morning. Let me explain……..


Following a blissful night with my wife, I awakened early like I usually do and went on the computer to catch-up. While online, I began to experience a warm "glow" —hard to explain— it seemed to be a sexual "energy" that I began to feel and it was enveloped in the sexual passion I feel for my wife. It was a raw, sexually-charged, wonderful, delicious feeling and I am looking forward to more erotic encounters with her. I finished up with my online session, had a little pre-breakfast like I usually do and then went back to my bed (we sleep in different beds due to our "snoring").

While in bed, I continued to experience this warm "glow" and began to fantasize about what it would be like tonight with my wife. I guess I became enveloped in a REAL fantasy since the next thing I knew, I was starting to lightly "thrust" in bed into her and before long, my prostate was starting to awaken. My contractions quickly became auto-contractions and I felt my prostate quivering towards a DRY-O! Not one but TWO and they both bordered on a SUPER-O! The two finally settled down and I thought that was it. I rolled over onto my other side and continued to rest. What happened next blew my mind!


I began to experience the most powerful SUPER-PROSTATE ORGASM I have ever had. This one went on for probably a good five to ten minutes and I was literally CURLED UP IN A BALL, MOANING AND SHAKING CONTINUOUSLY. I COULD NOT STRAIGHTEN UP. All the while my prostate continued to spasm and would not stop. When it finally stopped, I was left breathless but startled that, even without direct stimulation from Aneros, I was able to experience (Aless) this Super-O!

I suppose you can say that I am now 'WIRED FOR PLEASURE'! God only knows if I experience one of these Super-O's during intercourse, I will be leaving the planet for good! My passion for my wife continues to grow without bounds……


PS I expect to participate in the Forum and update my Blog periodically.

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  1. Amazing Bro.

    Congrats on the intimacy with your wife and renewing that aspect of your marriage.

    I hope and pray for you that super O while you are making love to her. Maybe she will get to see that men too can have orgasms like they have.

    Thanks for posting.

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