“A New Aless Male Pleasure – Erotic Hair Stimulation”

[Some descriptions are graphic but should not offend anyone]

This began so innocently! I had a few moments in bed alone in the early AM and decided to “practice” some Aless stim (since I have not been performing my regular Aneros sessions). So I got into bed, rolled over on my right side and began to perform the slightest ‘whisper’ anal contractions possible. After a while, I began to only rhythmically THINK about the contractions — and guess what? — I began to feel these contractions within my prostate! So I kept doing this and all the while, I began to feel a ‘quivering’ feeling in my prostate with which I am very familiar. I began to experience a few body convulsions as a result of this stim. This story continues…..

I decided (for unknown reason) to spread my legs farther apart and to “feel” for my P-spot on my perineum. When I ‘found’ it, I began instinctively to lightly ‘tap’ it until I could begin to feel the pleasurable sensations deep within my penis and groin. I kept this up for a while, perhaps 5 or 10 minutes. It felt so amazingly good. But this is not yet the end of the story……

Again, for unknown reason, I ‘spread’ my legs still farther apart and began to “feel” the individual hairs on my perineum. OMG! I can’t believe that I am experiencing this much PLEASURE from just a tiny touch of hair. Even a SINGLE hair! I kept this up for perhaps 5 minutes or so until I knew I could not take any more. But this story does not end here…..

I began to ‘explore’ further down near my anus. Once there, I discovered more hairs surrounding the opening. I spread my ‘cheeks’ with one hand and began to very lightly ‘feel’ for the hairs with my other hand. Doing this for a while, I began to experience an INTENSE SEXUAL PLEASURE I have seldom felt before. I began to shake uncontrollably from the sensual pleasure I was now experiencing. And my mind was beginning to spin from this feeling. I knew I could not take too much more, but I wanted it to go on indefinitely……

I realized that I could not endure any more of this ecstasy and so, reluctantly, I had to stop. But I continued to lightly shake for a while, from this amazing Aless experience. Who knew that this amount of sensual pleasure resides within the male body?


PS I believe this technique can easily be adapted to other body hair, i.e., scrotum, nipples, underarms, pubic, etc. Will have to try it in the near future! This could be used on a partner, but it will be difficult to gauge the ‘feedback’ on erotic response.

PS For several hours this AM, my penis and especially the glans, was feeling very strange, almost like an energized state even though it was flaccid. Not sure what is causing this; could be the binaural doses taking effect?

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-new-aless-male-pleasure-erotic-hair-stimulation/