“I Wasn’t Ready For This”

After having ‘dosed’ on some erotic hypnosis and binaural beats stim, and after a two-and-a-half-week absense from Aneros, I felt like I really ‘needed’ something in my anus… and soon. I decided to reach for the small Peridise — I thought it is not too large and will not be over-stimulating.

Was I wrong! Let me explain……..

I quickly lubed-up and inserted the Peridise about half-way. I rolled-over on my right side and began the so-called ‘Do-Nothing’ method with it. What could be over-stimulating about this? All was well and it felt SO GOOD! But after about 3 minutes or so, I began to feel a slight ‘quivering’ sensation coming from my anus. OMG! The sensation is getting stronger, and stronger, and still stronger yet… and I can’t stop it!


I am feeling the most intense sexual pleasure in my anus I have ever felt! It is as if all this ‘passion’ was just stored-up and waiting for me.

This feeling continued to build without end……..I feel I am having an anal orgasm! By now, I am moaning and I believe starting to cry from the intense feelings. I remember (not too) softly saying “Stop It! Stop It!” over and over again. But the waves of pleasure just continued and I don’t know how much more of this I can endure. I buried my head under my pillow and just held-on…..When the feeling subsided but only for a short while, I felt for the Peridise and to my amazement, It had been ‘pulled-in’ almost all the way! (It had started out about half-way).

By now, I am almost in a state of erotic sexual stupor. ‘Pleasure’ is not really the right word for this feeling. What is? ‘Sensual desire’? Too weak. ‘Carnal self-gratification’? Closer. ‘Anal fuck’? Yes! I didn’t know what to do. So I just laid there some more, and all the while, the Peridise was working it’s magic on me. I am now feeling the most intense anal sexual pleasure I believe a potent male can feel. I feel it deep inside my groin. I can think of nothing else.


After a while, the ‘magic’ was beginning to subside, and I sensed that this ‘ride’ was over. I removed the Peridise (it really didn’t want to come out!) and, still tingling, began to reflect on an experience I will not soon forget. As I said, I was not ready for this!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/i-wasnt-ready-for-this/