1. It works fantastic. The motion of pumping in and out moves the Aneros (I’ve got the Helix Syn) around in a way that massages the prostate amazingly. Always cum like a madman.

    Haven’t figured out how to get it together with an actual prostate orgasm, but it definitely enhances sex for me.

  2. The feeling it’s amazing, but the few times I tried it I could last only a few minutes so, in the end it’s better to have sex without it.

  3. I have a Helix Syn, a plain white Helix, and a Progasm. All feel great during sex.

    If you’re working on sessions in search of the famed hands-free Super-O, it’s a long road! I’ve had only partial mini-O’s, but people definitely get there. You just have to enjoy whatever happens and keep doing it.

    Partner sex with the aneros is a great way to enjoy and learn. If it makes you cum fast, you can work on your stamina this way. Work on noticing tension that is building up, and keep letting it go. Let go of wave after wave, and you can last a long time. Then when the orgasm finally gets you, it is *intense*. The same letting go also gets you closer to the Super-O/mini-O in solo sessions.

  4. Works great, always cum so hard and so deep. Similar experience wth being very amped up and coming quickly. Love using it with my wife and just lying around the bed exploring each other and letting our sexual energy flow.

  5. I find during sex it can be good but I usually take it out before. Blow jobs on the other hand were the way I got to my first super o. Ask for mouth only and get in a good session for about an hour before having her join in.

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