“An Experiment: Male Arousal—How Far Can I Wind The Clock?”

Following a successful Peridise session, I had the opportunity to “try” a ‘non-stimulating’ ‘do-nothing’ short session with my Helix. I lubed-up and inserted and–wow!–it felt good!. I decided in advance that this was to be a ‘short session’ perhaps 30 minutes or so and would involve no effort on my part. I couldn’t be more wrong! Right away, I could feel my heartbeat through the Helix. And almost immediately, the Helix went into ‘auto-fuck’ mode All I could do was ‘ride-it-out!’ In between auto-contractions, I was able to ‘sneak-in’ some of my own. But not too many! These autos continued for the duration of this session, probably 45 minutes or so. I did not experience any prostate orgasms from this ride, however. I decided to end the session and call it a night. Note I did not ejaculate at this time.


The following morning, I decided again to ‘dose’ on binaural beats — for male arousal and then for ejaculation. Perhaps it’s just me, but I like the way I feel from these audio sessions. I expected to ejaculate during the second listening session, but I dd not. So I thought to myself, since I am already aroused (I had a LOT of precum from these binaurals) why don’t I get back into bed and perhaps do some anal and PC contractions and see where that leads me? So I got back into bed and started to do some very light (whisper) contractions. What happened next blew me away!


I decided to see how far I could ‘wind-the-clock’ (if you know what I mean). Since this ‘session’ lasted almost 3 hours (I really didn’t expect it to last that long), I can’t recall now all the details. But let me try (and this is in no particular sequence, although I am trying as best as I can to remember it):

—light (whisper) anal and PC contractions
—‘cupping’ my right hand around my package and feeling penile shaft pulses with each contraction (this felt nice!)
—‘cupping’ my left hand on my scrotum and perineum
—‘cupping’ my left hand on my head
—meditating for quite a while on the human male’s place in the world, his procreative power residing deep inside his groin
—lightly stroking the bulge in my perineum
—very lightly caressing the hairs on my perineum and scrotum (this was mind-blowing!)
—experiencing some powerful abdominal contractions
—experiencing toe-curling and body shakes
—nipple stim (one and then two)
—no anal stim during this session
—no penile stim during this session
—more intense and more frequent anal and PC contractions to stimulate some auto-fuck contractions (which came later)
—falling into a fantasy of male anal penetration caused by the auto-fuck contractions
—re-positioning myself for ‘better’ anal penetration
—thrusting in sync with the anal penetration
—feeling full of semen deep within the abdomen and groin
—feeling an unusual ‘twinge’ or two near the base of my penis (almost like a penile orgasm without ejaculation)

I felt really full of semen and thought I would be able to ejaculate quickly so I tried. But I realized that it would take more ‘work’ on my part. So I decided to ‘abort’ this phase and continue it later in the day (or night). I still have a ‘buzzing’ energized feeling in my groin and am resigned to being horny probably for the rest of the day (or as long as I can last!). So far, my penis remains flaccid, but for how long I do not know!

All-in-all, this was a pretty amazing ride and I feel like I learned a lot! I didn’t know that the shortened Helix session would eventually become a part of it. Note that I did not seem to experience any noticeable prostate orgasms during this entire experience.

PS Since listening to some binaural beats for penis enlargement, I notice that I have ‘regular’ rock-hard erections now that are very long-lasting, almost like Viagra (although I have never taken it).


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/an-experiment-male-arousal-how-far-can-i-wind-the-clock/