“Making Up For Lost Time”

Wow! A full week off from Aneros and it feels good to "ride" again!

Nothing special about this ride, in fact, no Dry-O (perhaps a Mini-O). But as soon as I started with Helix, it was on auto-pilot all the way. I just had to get on-board.

After about an hour and a half with Helix, I switched to PS-NEW and got quite a bit of p-fluid out. About 30 minutes more, no discomfort at all.

Wanted more anals so I switched again to Peridise (Large) and it felt amazing.

Wanted STILL more so I got my set of silicone anal beads and finished the session with a strong E while removing them. As I said, it feels GREAT to "ride" again!

PS Interesting but prostate is NOT "BUZZING" today! Not sure what this means for an orgasm? Perhaps I need MORE SESSIONS! We'll see…..

PS Only a day later and my prostate is "quivering" again! It is a great feeling! Already had a "chairgasm" and some extended full-body O's in bed. Looking forward to more "regular" sessions. I can't wait!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/making-up-for-lost-time/