“Male Pleasure Chamber”

[Note: This story is graphic but should be fine for most guys]

I started this "ride" with Eupho and no expectations, basically starting with a "do-nothing" ("do little") approach. After about 10 minutes or so, I began to experience auto-anal contractions that just would not stop! I started to feel some "fluttering" in my prostate and a sense of impending further sensations. I buried my head under my pillow and began to quickly "fall-into" this fantasy……..


I am at a hotel and have just completed a few days of intense business meetings. I am feeling very 'horny' today and need some 'relief'. So I went up to the hotel concierge and discreetly asked him if he could help.

"I sure can", he responded. "But would you like to try something just a little 'different' tonight? Maybe even a little 'kinky'"? I didn't know what he meant, but I said "Sure, I'm willing to try it!" He explained that this new 'Male Pleasure Chamber' is located off-site a short walk from the hotel. He would make the arrangement. He handed me their 'business card' (it looked quite official) and said that he would call over to schedule me… "How much is it"? I asked. He responded: "$150 but this is for an all-night 'session'. You can pay me".

"Okay", I said. "Let's do it"! So I made my payment to the concierge after he scheduled me. He also had me sign a 'release' which I did not read. I am feeling just a little nervous at this point. He handed me another card with a 4-digit code on the back. "This is the code you need to enter the chamber. Don't lose it! I need to advise you, however, that once you enter, the door has an electronic lock and timer and you will not be able to leave until the pre-programmed time. Are you still okay with this?" "I'm in!" I said.

With that I took the card and proceeded a few blocks to the destination. It is about 11 PM……


I arrived and it seemed like an ordinary 'entrance-way' to a residence. I keyed-in the code and saw a green light. Once inside, I heard the door 'lock' behind me. What I saw inside was basically a fairly nice-looking large room about 12 feet by 12 feet. It was nicely painted but the one thing I noticed is that there seemed to be an enormous thickly-padded "mattress" on the floor which covered the entire room! There were no pillows. In a short while, I 'heard' a voice instructing me to remove ALL my clothes and place them neatly in a corner of the room. Then I was instructed to move to the center of the room and lay face down very still. So I did, and waited……

A short time later, the lights in the 'chamber' slowly dimmed and the room became PITCH BLACK. There is no music. I am now a little more nervous, not knowing what will happen next……..

I hear a door open and close and the next thing I feel is something slippery being inserted into my rectum. It felt really good and I began to experience some 'auto-anal contractions'. Wow! I continued to lay there and the feelings continued to intensify. I had not felt this before. [Usually, my experiences with hotel 'call-girls' has been much more conventional].

[more time passes]

All of a sudden, I began to feel that I have been drugged. I am feeling okay but realize that I cannot move my muscles. I feel myself being 'penetrated' in my rectum but honestly it feels good. Since I cannot move, I just laid there and experienced this intense thrusting male pleasure for the first time. I felt some strong hands around my sides. The hands moved around and under me and 'cupped' my balls and I believe started 'fondling' my very-erect penis. This 'thrusting' and 'fondling' went on for a while and I actually enjoyed it. Since I cannot move, I just laid there and was taking-in all this 'pleasure'.

At this point, I am feeling sleepy and a little dizzy (perhaps the drugs again?) and felt myself falling asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep.

[more time passes]

I woke up, and noticed this time that I had feelings in my arms and legs again. However, THEY HAD BEEN TIED UP SO I COULD NOT MOVE THEM! I also now felt more of a strange sensation in my rectum and it felt like my prostate was being auto-stimulated big-time. Boy it did feel good! Then I felt it continue to build to what felt like an orgasm which I have never experienced before. I had an EXTREMELY POWERFUL body contraction that landed me a few feet away on the floor where I was laying. It felt like I was shot out of a cannon!

[more time passes]

At this point, I am feeling very sleepy and must have fallen asleep again………

When I awaken, the lights in the room are on and I am laying on the floor near one side of the room, still naked. My hands and feet are not tied up any more. I look down at my male 'tools' and (fortunately) they are all still there! I do notice that I have a 'penis ring' on the base of my now-limp penis and my penis is wet with lube. "Oh my!" I thought to myself. "I wonder how many other 'male pleasures' I experienced tonight?" I thought back on the night but honestly I can't remember now too many details.


As I got dressed, I saw a small sign on the wall. It read:

"We hope you enjoyed your time in the chamber! In order to protect our investment, you have been given a hypnotic drug which will prevent you from recalling many details of your experiences here. You actually experienced many MORE male pleasures than you will remember."

"PS We hope you enjoyed your 'Fleshlight' experience too! Please visit us again and recommend us to your friends".


"Oh my!" I thought. "Is that was the penis ring was for?"

So I finished getting dressed, opened the door and started walking back to the hotel. It was about 7 AM.

"What a night"! I thought to myself. I felt invigorated and glad to be a guy. I got back to my room, undressed and took a nice long hot shower, reflecting on my night of unending 'pleasure'……..


PS This fantasy was so real it is as if I was still right there and am able to record it in detail.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/male-pleasure-chamber/