Continuous contraction got me to orgasm rather than rhythmic contraction

The typical beginner method that people seem to follow is rhythmic contractions. However, I found I wasn’t getting anywhere with rhythmic contractions. I wasn’t getting *any* pleasurable sensations from the massager and I couldn’t tell whether the massager was even contacting my prostate.

I did some reading and I discovered that the intent of the rhythmic contractions is to tire out the anal muscles so that they naturally spasm. The muscle spasms then result in a positive feedback loop for stimulation, hopefully leading to orgasm.

Since I wasn’t getting anywhere with rhythmic contractions, I decided to employ continuous contraction instead. I kept a continuous contraction going for about five minutes, at which point my muscles tired out and started spasming. I then quickly found myself having a full body orgasm!

I think continuous contraction works for me because there’s significantly less to focus on and it’s easier to control, so I can completely relax. With rhythmic contraction, I found that I had to focus on the contractions in order to control them, preventing me from actually relaxing.

So if you’re having trouble with rhythmic contractions, maybe give continuous contraction a shot instead? I’d say it’s worth a shot if you haven’t been making progress otherwise.



  1. What was the strength of your continuous contraction? I’m assuming you were contracting your anal muscles, but not your PC muscle…?

  2. I have tried this constantly holding before but I didnt last very long and got tired I will definately have to try and practice this more when I get some free time!

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