“Ultimate Sperm Bank: A Multifaceted Fantasy”

Wow! This Aneros session began in the usual way but became a ‘living fantasy’….Let me explain…..

Background: My wife and I had watched a romantic movie in bed and had a shortened encounter (~50 minutes) of tantric sex. Since I had no expectation of climax, I ended this evening aroused and went back to bed.

About four hours later, I awakened with an erection and a throbbing in my groin. I felt that now was a good time to grab the helix and complete the mission! I did not want too stimulating an experience so I decided in advance a ‘do-nothing’ session would be most appropriate. Nothing could be further from the truth! First off, this session began with a series of ‘auto-fuck’ contractions which quickly escalated into what I called ‘SUPER-FUCK’ contractions. The difference is that these super contractions were about 5 times as frequent as the regular auto-contractions. I could not possibly keep up with these by myself. These contractions seemed to alternate between regular and super (sort of like gasoline)! I threw-in some of my own contractions when I could. These contractions were accompanied by moans, convulsions and I felt some Dry-O’s as well. About half-way into this session, I fell-into a fantasy…..

Fantasy: I have been accepted into the “Ultimate Sperm Bank” located not too far from where I live. I needed some money and found out that they pay $400 for a one-time ‘donation’. Since I am tall and lean and have a muscular body due to my daily swimming routine, I knew I would be a good candidate. The only negative thing about this sperm bank is that they are extremely ‘fussy’ and have a lengthy standard protocol for preparing oneself for the ejaculation. Let me explain each step of the protocol in turn…..

Step 1 — I was instructed to use an Aneros helix prostate massager for one hour minimum. They showed me how to lube myself and the massager and insert it. When I did, I had a very stimulating feeling in my prostate. I guess that is what they wanted. An hour passed and I felt myself having about five prostate orgasms. One near the end was especially powerful and I felt myself curling up into a ball and moaning and shaking. When the hour had passed, I was instructed to remove the massager and move to another room which was set-up with a computer, headphones and a comfortable-looking sofa.

Step 2 — I was instructed to put-on the headphones and listen to several audio tracks of my choice. I could choose binaural beats for male stimulation and ejaculation, testosterone boost and hypnotic male sexual arousal. I did all of them and sneaked-in a few more that I found! These were all very stimulating but I discovered later that the lube which I used had a medicinal additive designed to retard my ejaculation for several hours. That explains why I did not achieve an erection or ejaculate during the binaural beats audios. When I had finished listening to these tracks, I did feel more stimulated and was instructed to return to the original room. But I still did not have an erection and was beginning to feel my ‘reward’ was in jeopardy.

Step 3 — I am back in the room on the bed and I am instructed to lay on my side and perform some slow and strong anal contractions. I start to do this for about five to ten minutes, when all of a sudden, I am getting a strong erection and I feel a ‘pulsing’ in my prostate region! I feel that I can now easily ejaculate. I got ready, took the collection ‘tube’ which I was provided and ‘finished’ myself off! OMG! That was a powerful ejaculation–I must have shot my first load about 4 or 5 inches! I hope this is a good-enough sample for me to get my pay! I put the lid on my sample, cleaned myself up, got dressed and collected my reward. I felt a little tired (it had been about 5 hours since I started) but very fulfilled.


Note: This was an unusual ‘fantasy’ in that it encompassed more than one event and more than one location. It was not confined strictly to the Aneros use. I ‘lived-through’ the fantasy!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/ultimate-sperm-bank-a-multifaceted-fantasy/