After two years I got there but I’m having trouble getting back

It definitely felt better than I thought it was possible to feel. I had many (dry) orgasms, even one that lasted about 20 minutes. At its best it was so good I could barely think. If it were too much better I’d worry about it becoming seriously addictive and ruining my life.

The only advice I’d add to what’s out there is that the “do nothing” strategy works pretty well overall and is the best way to start. Once you get close, the “try not to orgasm” strategy makes it more and more intense the longer you can hold it off.

TL;DR: 30/10, was mindblowing.

Anyway, that was a week ago and I can’t seem to get back there. I took adderall the time it worked but I’ve tried taking it again and it doesn’t seem to be enough. Maybe it helps, but I’d like to be able to do it without of course. It’s pretty frustrating because I know the more I want it the harder it is to get it. Hopefully I’ll get the knack of it and learn how to do it reliably.


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  1. For the “try not to orgasm” strategy, do you just continue to do the “do nothing” technique, or were you actively trying to prevent the involuntary contractions from happening?

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