“Anal Tease”

Background: I had a recent flare-up of hemorrhoids and thought that a lengthened session with the Peridise may be helpful. I did a recent session with the small one and found relief from it. (It is 2 AM and I am up and somewhat aroused). So here goes……

I decided to use Boy Butter since I had a goal of at least one hour for this session. I know the Peridise can be extremely stimulating but I was prepared for the pleasure. I used a generous amount of lube, and inserted it only about half-way as recommended. After that, I rolled-over and tried to relax…..

It wasn’t too long (and I knew it was coming) that the familiar ‘ache’ started in my anal area and to be honest, it felt really good! Of course, with a full hour ahead of me, I am expecting much more anal stimulation and I was right! The Peridise continued its ‘tease’ and continued to pleasure me until I started to moan in delight. I felt it moving mostly on its own like it was on ‘auto-pilot’. Periodically, I ‘felt’ for the Peridise and was surprised to find that it had been pulled-in almost completely!

If I relaxed my anal sphincter muscles (and did a ‘reverse-kegel’), the Peridise would again be pulled-in, giving me another round of intense stimulation. It was non-stop ‘anal teasing’. I love the feeling. Toward the end, I am moaning and almost crying from the agonizingly pleasurable sensations.


When the hour was over, I rolled-over and thought that the Peridise would be deeply embedded in my rectum. Was I surprised to find that it was only half-way inserted! Obviously, it had been going in-and-out of my anal canal during this entire session, just as it was supposed to! (At this point, I still am not sure about the rate of movement).

As I am typing this, I still feel a nice ‘pulsing’ and ‘quivering’ feeling in my rectum (especially if I do a contraction – OMG! I feel it in my penis!) and hope that my “H-problem” is being addressed. Of course, another ‘session’ is always possible!

Update: OMG!! I believe I am having an ‘after-shock’ anal orgasm (or two or three!). I am forced quickly back to my bed where I am experiencing an ‘unworldly’ pleasurable feeling from my quivering anus! It does not feel like a prostate orgasm. It is hard to describe this feeling…but let me try. Do you know the feeling you get when you ejaculate? Multiply that by TEN and you get some idea what this felt like. I am not kidding…..I truly hope there will not be any more. I don’t know if I can take it. This feeling was MUCH stronger than anything I experienced during the Peridise session.

Peridise users: Be advised!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/anal-tease/