My Sexuality

It is a real challenge to describe this sexual journey I have been on for more than 20 years now. Each year brings a new set of experiences expanding the envelope of my erotic mind. Things that were avant garde to me 20 years ago are routine to me now. The things that titillate and arouse me now seem to have gotten edgier and edgier year to year. Clearly a major turning point for me was rewiring. With the enervation of my prostate and the mind – body awareness that came with it, came expanded sexual response and an interest in sexual intimacy with men. It started as a prurient attraction to gay porn on line; first with pictures of attractive cocks arched in erection, then to videos of ejaculations with semen erupting from swollen cock heads. Eventually I began to seek out video sex scenes of guys frotting and cumming on each others cocks and ultimately videos depicting a guy on his back legs spread as his asshole was drilled by another guy. I watched in fascination, my own cock stiff and throbbing as the perpetrators ass clenched as his partners anus received him, stretched to accommodate his girth. As the receiver grimaced in sweet agony his anus clutched the intruding penis that was penetrating it. As he was being fucked the penis that sank deep into him was forcing is face to contort in the familiar confused anguish of erotic ecstasy. Watching the receiver’s face grimace and contort as the sweet ecstasy of anal orgasm consumed him made the precum drool from my erection in a stream wetting the chair I sat on in my nudity
When I reached the tipping point of men having sex that was when my own craving to male sexual intimacy reached a fevered pitch. Since then my experiences have been very limited but they have been very satisfying. I have not been disappointed.

In one of the trysts I had with a guy who was incredibly sexy, I straddled his hips and held our cockheads together as I thrusted my pelvis back and forth drawing our cocks against each other. Mingling our precum to make the contact of our similar parts was exquisitely erotic. The thought of our cock slits kissing and cockheads rubbing together drove me wild. Then my dominate penis lurched and regurgitated my semen all over his cock, glazing it with my sweet icing it was one of the most intense releases I have ever had. The flow of my cum was copious and thick. When I had released the total of my copious load on his shaft I used my semen as lube to masturbate him against my penis until he came. Witnessing the mingling of our semen on his belly is one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen. The cocktail of our combined loads was intensely arousing even after I had ejaculated.

I have laid one of my trysts back on a the edge of a bed, his knees bent and his feet on the ground with his legs apart and me kneeling between them kneeling at the temple of his sexuality. I kissed his balls, sucked them and kissed his shaft taunting him and making his precum flow like the sap of a maple in the warm sun of spring. I then sipped his sweet preorgasmic syrup as it drooled from his cock slit, savoring it on my tongue as I looked at his face gazing down at me in the hazy intoxication of intensifying arousal.

As I sucked his shaft and massaged his cockhead with my tongue, his mind drifted in the sweet abandon of being serviced by me, another man. I hungrily sucked his erect member, sliding my lips up and down his shaft as I slipped my hands under him to caress his ass cheeks. With determined lust in my mind I savored the sensation of his china hard boner in my mouth. The more assertively I sucked him and deep throated his tumescent penis the deeper into pre – orgasmic rapture he slid. When he sensed that his release was imminent and he warned me of his pending eruption he gasped as my mouth didn’t retreat. Just the opposite, I pushed his cockhead deep down my throat and pushed my lips against his groin at the base of his cock allowing his spasming penis to pump his load down my throat as I sucked him hungrily.

With another of my partners I followed the same oral stimulation but stopped shy of ejaculation to urge him to lay lengthwise on the bed. Then in cowboy position I straddled his hips facing him, sitting on his stone hard erection, pressing it into my perineum with his cockhead resting against the back of my balls. Then with sexy music playing on a cd in the background I thrust my pelvis back and forth massing his cockhead with my perineum bumping it against the back of my balls. The soft skin of my perineum massaging the underside of his cockhead and driving him to distraction as he grasped my arms. As I did my erotic lad dance on his cock his eyes grew wild as I lost all inhibition and my movements became more sinuous and more and more lewd. My own penis was rigid as I ground my perineum on his cock; my own precum was drooling in a stream, I dribbled it all over him as my penis flopped during my pelvic hula. His precum lubed my perineum turning it into a hot slippery receptacle for his load. The more he was turned on by my lurid performance the more emboldened I became. I lost all sense of propriety becoming a slut bent on coaxing his load from him. I was rubbing his cockhead preparing to to accept his full load underneath my balls. Then as I pinched his nipples and kissed him on the lips he moaned and released. I felt his cockhead swell and pump rhythmically as I felt his hot cum cum bathing my balls.

These experiences are now in my memory, teasing me and challenging me. They are there for retrieval when I need erotic inspiration for a session. They are there to dare me to repeat them and more. I do not dabble often at the well of male sexual pairing, I have met only one guy a year over the last three years. Yet as spring forces my hormones to flow I feel my craving rising once more.

So let me ask a question of you readers. As you read this entry is your curiosity piqued? Do you fantasize of a tryst with a male partner? Has the pendulum of your sexual response swung to the extreme? Would you ever partake?

As our sexuality opens and our desires expand …. Would you indulge your whim?