first attempt today! I have some questions about some sensations that i’d love your comments on

Background: I am a total size queen and love anal play with large toys, but my anal pleasure has always been VERY dependent on penile stimulation. The pleasure immediately turns off as soon as I’m not touching my penis. so I decided it would be a good idea to go for a Progasm and do a little re-wiring!

After reading the wiki, i spent a good several minutes just letting my body adjust to having the progasm inside, on my side with a leg lifted. then i started doing some breathing and contractions at various levels, occasionally trying toe breath of fire to see how that felt. I eventually got to what i suppose could be involuntaries, i didn’t really have to try to make the contractions happen as much. that was nice and pleasurable and i could really hone in on it pressing against my prostate. it definitely felt like a step in the right direction, but nothing that felt like it would lead to a Super-O (not that im really worried about getting there yet).

What shocked me was the feeling i got when i tried the do-nothing method. i switched to laying on my front and just sitting there. slowly building was this distant feeling that my body and mind told me was something to chase. it didn’t really grow in intensity, but i definitely felt like it could be the roots of something intense.

has anyone else had a similar experience?


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  1. Just my 2 cents. I’m different in a way that I do not touch my cock at all. All of the simulation is 100% anal. This is how I keep focused on anal sensations plus having my cock out feels unfeminine to me. I keep tucked tightly upfront against my belly. It’s all about the prostate play. The key is to have the toy flick the edge of the prostate every time it enters. Not so much about the depth, all about that prostate flick. I like using a basic 10 inch life like dildo. It will cause the best sensation if you lay on your back, knees up, legs apart (missionary position). If you have a helper, it’s much better, if not, you will need to pop it in, brush against the prostate, pop out. Complete exit will also excite the outside of the anus, mine is very sensitive. This gets me to the big O almost every time. Guys usually come before it happens.

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