“A Reflection: Stepping Back For The Bigger Picture”

[I took a brief break from Aneros and felt the need for some reflection]

While in the shower this AM, I began to get a thousand things pop into my head regarding my Aneros usage and other Aneros ‘voyagers’ and all other things sexual. Here are some of my ‘random’ thoughts in no particular order…….


It seems that upon first glance, all of our Aneros use is only about pleasuring ourselves. That is partially true; however, in the bigger scheme of things, we are expressing our ‘manhood’ and our sexuality as males. We will gladly ‘share’ our manhood with our significant other any time, any place. We will even ‘share’ it with ourselves!

Our male sexuality is just one facet of our existence as males but it is a vitally important one. As males, we derive so much pleasure from sexual activities that it is almost second-natured for us, like breathing. It is not that we are ‘turned-on’ all the time (according to women), it is in our very being.

At the end of the day, we are fulfilled as males when we are allowed to express our sexuality in the way that pleases us, whatever that may be (provided it is not against the law!) That would include any forms of self-pleasure such as Aneros and other male ‘toys’.

Our existence as males would be unfulfilled if it were not for sex in all its myriad forms. Thank God for sex!

As males, we are able to ‘connect’ with other males on any sexual subject (not necessarily for sex). I swim every day and am with naked guys in the locker room. We can still talk about other subjects even while naked!

It is difficult for some of us males to connect sexually with females except for the obvious physical connection. The sex act (including foreplay and after-play) is ‘hardwired’ into our brains and sometimes we have difficulty just talking about it. We would rather do it!

When someone says that we males are very ‘horny’ I would take that as a compliment; it is acknowledging us as males and we should feel very proud! We should in no way deny our manhood!


Getting back to Aneros, why are we always looking forward to the next Super-O? I believe it is because since we are so hard-wired for sex, that is an extreme manifestation of the sexual enjoyment sphere we as males experience.

If it were not for sex, we as males may be leading a very dreary existence. Could we survive as priests? I know I could not.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-reflection-stepping-back-for-the-bigger-picture/