Very low prostate

I’ve noticed that my prostate is significantly lower than diagrams show. It is immediately after the inner rim of the anus and there is no distance between the prostate and the rim except for space where the Aneros would be. This means that the very bottom of the aneros is touching my prostate not the part that is suppose to rock against it. What is the best Aneros product for having a very low prostate?



  1. I think I might have this as well. I use an njoy Pure Wand to stimulate that area. No p orgasm yet though.

  2. I’ve been suspecting the same is true for me. Unfortunately none of the aneros products seem aimed at this problem. I’ve considered trying out one of the njoy pure plugs, which look like their large heads maybe sit a little closer to the anus.

  3. I think the same is true i have been using the aneros Helix and i don’t feel any type of stimulation unless I tighten my sphincter muscles and pull it out about 1 to 2 inches…
    I don’t want to use the Pure Wand though, because i don’t want to have to hold it there. I want a hands free experience.
    Do you think that just a regular butt plug would do the job?

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