“A New Aless Experience: An Erotic Music Fantasy”

[This account is graphic but should not be offensive]

Oh my! Where to start?

I was up around 3 AM and looking online for something ‘new’. I was in the mood for some relaxing music with headphones and came across one on YouTube that looked intriguing: “Sex Music – 10 Passionate Melodies for Erotic Moments!” It was about 50 minutes long and was about the right length. So I settled in to my favorite sofa with headphones on at a low volume and started to relax……..I was not prepared for what came next!

Almost from the first track, I began to unknowingly “cup” my package with my right hand…. Why did I do this? I really don’t know…..I know this may sound strange, but it actually felt like it ‘belonged’ there and nowhere else! If I removed it even for a short while, it ‘found’ its way back home! With each passing track, I felt a warming sensation in my penis and it grew slowly to a semi-erect state. It felt so good! Track after track, I felt an incredibly sexy feeling all over….I was tingling, and then, one track (I don’t know which one in particular) kicked-in big time! I suddenly got this overpowering sexual feeling and immediately got a full, hard erection. I no longer was there by myself, but have fallen-into a very REAL fantasy! I am there on the sofa with a lover and she is beginning to caress me all over! She reaches up on my torso and I feel her lightly caressing my nipples; they are now very hard and sensitive. She begins to lightly ‘circle’ one then the other and then both at the same time. OMG! I feel her hands moving ever slowly toward my shoulders and then my neck. It feels so good! They slowly make their way back down to my penis and she is beginning to stroke it. OMG! I am quivering in my prostate. She is caressing my balls and they are so sensitive but her touch is so soft and wonderful! I am now throbbing in my groin and I can hardly contain my pleasure.,,.,,,I am getting wet……I am starting to squirm all over and beginning to thrust on the sofa into my lover……My mind is no longer on the sofa or even on the music…….I am enveloped in ecstatic delight…….


I have reached the last track and I feel like I have just made love without cumming……..I realize that this was NOT a masturbation session. It was a loving, passionate sexual ‘journey’ with an imaginary lover and it was the most deliciously sexually-charged feeling I could imagine. If only it would be able to last longer…….but as I was greatly aroused toward the end of this journey, I don’t know if I could hold-out without having to climax, this experience was that powerful! I never knew that such seemingly ‘innocuous’ soft-jazz music could evoke these feelings in me. Looking back, I felt very aroused at the beginning of this ‘session’ and the mood was already set…..I just needed the combustibles to start the fire (the music!)

PS I am suddenly feeling an intense quivering in my prostate! I need to go back to bed for a while…..
Since I did not climax during the fantasy, it would appear that I have ‘fallen’ back-into the fantasy! I am in bed and my prostate is quivering. I have an ache in my perineum. I am starting to lightly thrust into the bed. I feel like I might ejaculate. I really don’t want to now, I am saving it for tonight! ….

Now I know that an impending “BM” had put greater pressure on my prostate and gave me these intense quivers. I am able to forestall an ejaculation for now….

Update about 3 hours later – I am STILL tingling in my groin and especially my penis. Don’t know where this is going today.


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