Lingamans Story Chapter 1

As I approach 100 entries and 51,000 views in Lingamans blog I decided it was time for a change. Everything in this blog to date expresses experiences I have had. As many of my friends here know I love erotic writing, both reading it and writing it. So with the interest of changing things here and exercising one of my loves I am shifting this blog to my erotic fiction. Obviously even fiction is inspired by a writers experiences, feelings and desires so there is a lot of me in the work I will be presenting here. It is intended to inform, arouse and encourage you as readers and as members of the Aneros brotherhood. So to my friends and brothers in orgasm here … enjoy.

Chapter 1

Like many people I have been on a few forums on line in the last 12 years or so. I joined this one 10 years ago. I have seen the members of this forum come and go just as I have on many other forums. Senior members are active and then they fall away as the novelty wears off or the need they had of the forum fades or is replaced by something else in their life. I always feel a sense of loss when I longer see people that I chatted with every day no longer a part of my life. Sharing this feeling of loss I had with a few senior practitioners few years ago in the Aneros chat room we all agreed that the role and purpose of the Aneros Forum was different and that we couldn’t afford to lose senior members. Yes it was a place for beginners to get help and we glad to offer advice and assistance to achieve MMO, but we also agreed that the seniors in this forum had phenomenal wisdom; wisdom that doctors, sex counselors and professional sex workers did not have a clue about.

Several years ago when I shared what I could do with two erotic masseuses, a high end prostitute and a stripper doing a lap dance on me they all looked at me slack jawed. My comment describing those reactions to other senior members was matched by their own similar experiences. The knowledge of this miraculous prostate orgasm practice with these devises was extremely limited even to professional people well versed in sex practice ; senior members are the source of knowledge and expertise and we needed them to stay engaged.

Based on our shared observation we all agreed that there was a need for an advanced users group, as to not lose the knowledge that we the advanced users had gained. It would be a sort of fraternity for accomplished users to share insights, practices and exchange fellowship with like-minded individuals and not just leave after a while like many people do in forums.

As a result an informal agreement was established between five senior forum members to establish such a group and guide its development and the growth of its membership. The vision was to establish an on line community and use that community to plan on an annual retreat where members could gather in person in a private secluded place and share intimately and viscerally the intense pleasure of Aneros use.

I was lucky enough to be approached as a member of the organizing group. One of the duties of the 5 members on the organizing group was to recruit 5 additional members from the chat room who could be “qualified” as advanced users. To be qualified a user had to have a senior member witness the initiate in a session and affirm his practice level. At the same time, the senior member would be allowed to coach the initiate to assure that he could accomplish a super o and extend it for at least 30 minutes. The reason for the coaching in the early years was so that we could get membership to a sufficient level to sustain the group.

We saw ourselves as “knowledge keepers”, the seasoned users who would provide leadership and the information about this wonderful thing that we had learned to do with our bodies. Moreover, we understood what this physical ability did to our minds and our sexual response. Informing and guiding others became a priority for us as individuals and together in our affiliation, it became a mission.

So, embracing this mission each senior member was assigned the responsibility to confirm as many initiates in his geographic area as possible. The geographic assignment was done in the interest of avoiding travel long distances to meet with prospective new members. I was retired so I was available to meet with initiates as often as was needed which was good because I lived in the northeast where there were a lot of users and applicants. Although I volunteered to do this service for altruistic reasons I did have an ulterior motive, that motive was to have the chance to meet with rewired guys and potentially have sex with men who were motivated to experience and savor anal orgasm with me. In summary, it was a safer way to hookup than using Craig’s list. I could carefully scrutinize potential partners.

I had a list of 5 applicant initiates that I was assigned to meet with and certify; a young man from Boston was to be my first visit and approval. He was a 25 year old graduate student in government named Val; he had been practicing successfully since he was much younger. He started at 20 and was now experiencing intensely profound super o’s multiple times per week after 5 years at it. We agreed to meet at a Hilton Hotel outside of NYC which was convenient for him to get to by train. We agreed to meet at 9 pm which allowed us put in a regular day and do the certification at the end of the day.

With my ulterior motive in mind I hoped that a strenuous two hour session would leave him tired and a long way from his apartment at a late hour, facilitating the opportunity for a sleepover with me.

My rewiring revealed to me that two guys sleeping together in the nude was one of the most intensely intimate and erotic acts I could experience. Laying together in total privacy, secluded in a hotel room, away from my daily life while the world buzzed around me in the cocoon like warmth of a bed with a sexy nude man whose erection was rigidly dripping for me, was such an illicit and forbidden thing it became the central focus of my erotic life.

After rewiring it started with me sharing my erotic fantasies with a man on line and the realization that doing so made my cock hard. As my self – knowledge expanded I discovered that exposing my lurid needs to a man laying nude with him, skin to skin, cock to cock as our aroused bodies were caressed by a warm soft bed in the serene calm setting of a hotel room miles from my normal life, was deeply erotic. Hiding lewdly from societies judgment and objections, free from the tension, anxiety and expectations of my daily life exposing my male vulnerability, my aroused penis, my deepest most intimate desires, and sharing my body, allowing him to savor my cock and penetrate me as I savored his sexuality made my heart race and my cock drip.

I am a normal respectable man in my community, the totally out of character act of laying naked with a man in bed, kissing him passionately, in this protected and very private setting as I felt him up, caressed and fondled his cock as I suckled him on mine was nirvana. Coaxing a man to erection with my hand, mouth and tongue and edging him to the brink of eruption and ultimately to fall into an orgasmic abyss of trembling release spewing ropes of cum was a fantasy that had become a reality. Perhaps the most wonderful experience was cradling that man in my arms as I manipulated and massaged his rigid penis to strain and lurch as it regurgitated his white creamy passion as I held him. Holding his nude bosdy against mine while his body relaxed in my arms as I watched his passion ooze from his pulsing cock and having that cock transformed from iron hardness to vulnerable softness in my hand while the sweet relaxed euphoria of post orgasmic bliss filled his body was one of the most tender experiences I ever had. Holding his spent cock, relishing the still hot creamy contents of his balls drooling down my thigh and cuddling nude as I outwardly expressed the tenderness of the moment with a kiss was my definition of intimacy. My memories of these tender moments with men as they wilted in post ejaculation rapture is the stuff that to this day makes my cock ache and hang heavy and hard with need. This is what I secretly sought in my altruistic support of the fraternity.

On the appointed day at 2 in the afternoon I got in my car and drove to suburban NYC, arriving significantly early to have the time to relax and ready myself for the evening. So after dinner, drinks (to relax me) and a walk along the Hudson I came back to the hotel room. With soft music playing in the background to sex myself up, I stripped my clothes off and took a shower, carefully shaving my cock and balls to baby soft baldness. I love the feeling of this skin on my cock shaved when I am erect; it is like silk stretched over alabaster.

I wiped myself off, splashed after bath body scent on myself and slipped on a white silk thong that gathered my prodigious member in a silk sack that accentuated it and made it particularly appealing to a discerning male eye. That was my intent. Then donning a satin robe I brought with me I sat on the couch and checked my messages on line as I waited. It was 8:50 PM. I didn’t have long to wait.

True to his punctual character as I had gotten to know him in my initial contact, Val was rapping at my door at exactly 9 PM. Although I knew what he looked like from the requisite picture he PM ed me in the forum, he was much sexier in person. At 6’1” with a narrow waist and modestly muscular chest he was the stuff of my fantasies. So like a spider welcoming the fly into her web I let him in the room.

We shook hands formally, as he entered. I thought how ironic it was to shake hands and as the handshake completed he stepped into the room and into my embrace. I reached around him and hugged him, as I felt my erection bump against his groin. I knew that he felt it, because I saw him blush. Politely he ignored it and gave me a warm reciprocal hug. He later told me that my silky robe and the feeling of my erection pressing against his leg made him instantly hard and that he knew he blushed; his flushing was not due to my erection it was due to his own erected response.

Shutting and locking the door behind him, I immediately went into Aneros small talk. Banter about models, preferences and experiences spilled out of his mouth as if we were just continuing a conversation started on line. It was a very relaxed moment. I was pleased. The conversation ended with me describing the fraternity, the annual meeting and finally this evening. Looking at my watch I saw that it was almost 9:20 PM, which led me to suggest to him that he might want to use the bathroom and prep for the evaluation so the session wouldn’t run late. Secretly I hoped it did.

He took his small backpack into the bathroom with him; after a few minutes heard the shower running punctuated by the water splashing off his body onto the walls of the shower. My mind wandered as I listened and leafed through a USA Today I picked up in the lobby on my way in after dinner. The goings and comings in the news seemed so trivial at that moment in time.

Suddenly the shower silenced. That was my cue to walk over to the bed and turn down the covers. I went to the desk and retrieved the desk chair turning it and wheeling it a few feet towards the bed. I turned off the lights and drew the curtains open so that the room was dimly lit by the streetlights outside and the ambient light of city life. I then went to my bag and took out a candle placing it on the nightstand next to the bed. Lighting it I stepped away to gaze around the room.

As I admired the setting Val stepped into the candlelit glow of the room, a towel wrapped around his waist. The glow on his chest illuminated the smoothness of his skin and his prominent nipples. I wondered how sensitive they might be. As he looked around the romantically illuminated room he did not seek guidance from me, but rather with demeanor that displayed his total comfort with the situation unwrapped the towel from his waist and folded it; he then walked over to the suitcase stand and placed the towel on it. The unveiling of his semi erect cock to my eyes when he took the towel off was entrancing; it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. It was thick and gracefully bent as it rested on top of his balls. However the view that he offered to me of his backside as he walked away from me to place the towel was mesmerizing. My mind was flooded with fantasies of pleasuring both his penis and his anus. Keeping a sense of decorum I sat in the chair and watched as he laid on the bed.

I did not notice that as he laid on the bed he held a condom encased – lubed eupho in his hand. He was ready for business. He climbed onto the bed and got in a kneeling position pointing his anus right at me. As he inserted the eupho in his anus he commented to me that he had only brought his eupho as it was the device that his anus responded the best to. I commended him saying that I had the same response to it.

Even though I maintained a very clinical demeanor this was only the second time I had witnessed another man doing an Aneros session in person. The impact of what I was seeing caused a flush to wash over me as my cock began to harden from its semi erection. Seeing the tip of the Aneros part the entrance to his anus and disappear into it was like seeing a key being inserted into this young man’s sexuality and unlocking it in all its vulgar vulnerability for me eyes.

I watched the device sink into his anus; seemingly it looked as if it was being hungrily sucked in. As the abutment tab firmly pressed on his perineum I could vicariously feel the thrilling sensation of the finger long eupho penetrating my own anus touching that magical spot deep in my canal that sent me (and him) along the pathway to erotic nirvana. He sighed as his anus twitched with the tantalizing intrusion of the device, the twitch drew it into him for a second then it relaxed and released it. That initial twitch was followed by another in a few seconds. He sighed again as the eupho was sucked into his canal a second time. As I watched he took several deep cleansing breaths, the eupho responded to the call and irregularly at first (but with increased regularity after the initial start) began a piston like motion sliding in and out of his anus. After a few minutes he began to moan as his legs began to tremble, obviously the eupho was doing its work, triggering waves of pleasure that would reach a plateau. He began to mumble as the pleasure wave inside him built up to tsunami proportions.

As the sweet ache of orgasm twisted his anal canal he arched his back and thrust out his rear end. The eupho was now truly fucking him. His moans now turned to entreaties to an invisible force that was pouring indescribable pleasure into his anus. As the excruciating ecstasy filled his anal channel, the weight of the pleasure became too heavy for him to bear. He collapsed onto his belly clenching the sheets with clenched hands as orgasm after orgasm detonated in his anus.

Turning on his side he brought his left knee up in a classic Aneros position. He began to toggle his nipples with his left hand. By now his legs were trembling and his toes were being splayed by the merciless orgasms that piled one on top of the other.

The deeper he fell into the abyss of orgasm the less coherent his words became. His entire body was now under the spell of the enchantress of erotic euphoria. She covered his body with a cloak of orgasmic rapture that separated him from the real world and me along with it. I felt like I was watching an artillery barrage from miles away, each explosive crescendo causing his body to shudder and tremble.

Delirious in his euphoric stupor he rolled onto his back. His legs were spread wide apart and his cock was lurching and dancing with each orgasmic spasm slinging copious precum as it danced lasciviously. I threw off my robe as the performance I was watching was raising my body temperature and firming my own cock. My thong was soaking wet from the stream of precum that was leaking from my rigid erection.

I was beyond aroused. Standing and sliding off my sopping thong, I set my raging erection free. As this was my first evaluation I had no concept of politically correct or not. All I knew was that I had a torridly sexy man 40 years my junior, naked in my bed and he was twisting in the most extreme MMO’s I had ever witnessed. Whether it was appropriate or not I was being drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

My cock was keened by the heat of arousal, its warm clear passion hung from my slit in a crystalline string. The sweet ache of my own arousal was gathered around my anus; it had ignited my insides in a conflagration of pre orgasmic desperation. After witnessing his relentless pleasure, my hardened cock and my anus were throbbing and aching in their need. The lust that now occupied my brain dizzied me and immobilized me as it filled me with the peaceful frenzy of sexual desire as yet unfilled. I stood there naked over the bed my cock standing straight out as I allowed lust and desire to pour into my asshole.

My mind was on fire watching him as orgasm tortured him and made in writhe in agonized ecstasy. Part of me wanted to join him immediately on the bed and feel his hot skin on my turgid cock but in the reality of the moment I just stood there watching in stunned arousal. I felt a combination of guilt and privilege as I selfishly indulged myself witnessing this sexy young man as he was being plied by the wicked hands of mind numbing orgasmic rapture. His hedonistically pornographic performance made him oblivious to my presence as he tossed, twisted and whined as wave after wave of orgasm flooded his anus. His display washed away all thoughts I may have had other than the divine sensation he had infected me.

My erected prong was aching to touch, no not to touch, but to part his ass cheeks and feel his spasming anus rubbing against my cockhead. I stood there fantasizing piercing his anus and sinking my engorged cockhead deep into him.

Finally I could not resist the lust that was boring deep into my anus and grasping my cock, tugging on it with enticing promises of sweet sensations. So in the quiet solitude of this hotel room I climbed into bed with him. Lowering my lips to his chest I placed my hands on his shoulder to hold him still as I lowered my lips to their target, his hardened nipples. Wrapping my lips around the one closest to me I sucked it into my mouth and stroked it with my wet and firm tongue. The action of my tongue toggling his teat as orgasm electrified it drew a shriek from him as a solar flare of intense pleasure shot up to his brain. He began to curse as he held my head to his nipple imploring me to bite it and suck it punctuating his pleas with explicative’s and moans.

As searing intense orgasms drove him to thrash in convulsive pleasure I was forced to hold him down as I sucked his rigid nipple. In my mind I envisioned I was sucking the orgasms he was wracked with from his anus drawing them up through his nipple to fill my mouth with the milk of his pleasure.

So as the whore’s milk of male lust filled me the fantasy of male intimacy became a reality for me. As this sexy young man cradled my head, holding my mouth to his nipple we shared the rapture that filled him and flowed into me. Inside me his lust raced to my cock and made the long journey up my spine to my brain. Once there the butterfly of male desire became an ancient and secret key that inserted itself into a secret lock. The key was made to open that lock and no other.

As I sucked on his teat he was suddenly calmed a bit as his orgasms ceased their pumping and fell into slower more gripping and resonant waves of bliss. His calmed movement allowed me to relinquish my iron hold on his body and let my hand wander down to the pink alabaster column that protruded from the tuft of hair in his groin. As my hand wrapped around his shaft his body stilled frozen in a state of extreme sensation overload. He moaned as a large flow of precum drooled from his cockslit forced to flow by my firm grip of his shaft.

I held it firmly not tugging it but holding it reassuringly as I continued to suck his nipple. His nipple was obviously highly orgasmic as I felt his cock root rhythmically pulsing below my fist on the base of his cock as he suckled me.

I released my oral caress of his nipple and using his penis a handle I rolled him onto his side facing away from me. I was aching to spoon him and launch an mmo in his derriere. In dazed rapture he complied moving to offer his ass to me without realizing he was even doing it. His muscular ass cheeks were tight and the valley between them was deep, firm and quietly welcoming. Lying down behind him I slid closer to him using my erected cock to gauge my proximity to its goal.

I could feel the heat of his body; elevated by his tumultuous orgasm he was having expressing its warmth on the head of my cock. The intense heat grew and grew until I suddenly felt the sultry satin softness of the tender skin between his ass cheeks caressing my cockhead. As I pushed myself into him I could feel the handle of the Aneros moving against my balls as it fucked him.

The penetrating heat of his ass embracing my cockhead inflamed my desire and made my prostate harden instantaneously. In a matter of seconds it began to pump furiously in the warm caress of his behind, my cock root and my anus were dancing a lusty rumba that made them both ache with pleasure. I was swept into a pleasure wave that held onto my cock as it filled my anus. As my cock root and prostate pumped and rhythmically contracted and released they filled my anal canal with indescribable ecstasy. The waves of white hot euphoria convulsed in my anal canal; they were so intense and pleasurable I gripped his cock like it was my only life line to reality.

The intensity of the pleasure that overcame me gave my brain permission to turn the key to open the door to reveal the eroticism of shared male passion to me. As my anus and prostate thumped and pulsed their bliss I felt the key turn and the door in my brain open.

What was revealed to me was a kaleidoscopic vision of lurid images and thoughts all of which intensified the euphoric dance that had firm control of my anal tract, perineum, and my cock and was crackling on my nipples.

There in the Cineplex of my brain I danced the ancient dance of shared male pleasure. With the fire of shared male orgasm blazing firmly in my anus, pelvis, cock and groin I began to tug on his cock. His cockhead was glazed with his precum; it provided a steady source of lube to tease and stroke his iron hard prong. His cock felt so hot, hard, smooth and sexy in my hand, I toyed with it and teased his cleft making small circles and tracing his crown with my well lubed digit. As I savored his erection, his response was to place his hand over mine as I held him; my tender ministration of his erection elevated his orgasm yet another notch causing him to moan as his trembling anus gripped the invading pleasure that taunted it. The act of sharing his pleasure with me and acknowledging what I was doing to him inflamed the orgasm that was building in me.

I felt my anus opening wide and clamping shut as my own contractions took control of my body. Excruciating ecstasy echoed into my canal as the pleasure peaked and ebbed rhythmically with each contraction. With my attention focused on my anus the erotic kaleidoscope revealed an image to me of us spooning with my cockhead lodged deep in his anus.