Chapter 8

So after a few weeks of chat in which we goaded each other’s arousal by volleying lurid chat back and forth between us. By the end of five weeks parrying each other’s libidos to desperate passion we decided that a meet up was definitely in the cards. We set up the planned meeting to be in NYC where he lived. I needed to be in the city for work so I would have a hotel room for our tryst. I got the room mid town Manhattan where we could be anonymous in the crowd.

When the day finally came I was aroused beyond words at the prospect of getting together and experiencing the things we had had chatted about. After what seemed like an interminably long drive of 2 hours I arrived at the hotel and checked in; it was 7 PM. I was two hours early. Two hours seemed like forever to wait, but I had no choice so I did. After showering I settled in to watch TV while I waited.

Chapter 7

It was difficult to leave the retreat campus that morning. The preceding days had been an eye opening – cock hardening cavalcade of sex acts and experiences that left me craving more. Moreover it was a demonstration of the mystery of the gender basis of my arousal. It clearly showed that my response to sexual ovation by men and by women is equal but can change from one to the other in hours. There are days when images of erections will inspire my own cock to turn to steel and ooze. The fantasies that drive my MMO’s at those times might be of oral sex on a guy’s cock or spooning a sexy guy’s ass in bed. Sinking into a fantasy of homoerotic sex will launch the chains of gripping pleasure that I crave.

Yet there are other times when it is the feminine mystique that entices me. At those times mental images of my lady’s downy vulva stirs a desire in me that not only makes my cock go rigid and ache with lust but also makes my prostate spasm with pleasure. The last several years my wife has been able to cast a spell over me whenever she wants, her feminine karma can wash away any homoerotic thoughts of cocks from my mind. I honestly believe in karma. Whether it is our time together or it is that we are so attuned to each other, I pick up on her most intimate mental inclinations without even thinking about it. she is a woman whose karma is very powerful, at least to me it is. I hope it isn’t to other men, although in fantasy the idea intrigues me.

Chapter 6

Mid morning I left them as they showered and cleaned up from the nights activities. Compared to sexual activity with a woman, sex between three guys means three guys spewing cum. And then considering that each of us came several times, the bed was covered in semen. The opportunity to go back to my own room and clean up was very appealing. So after a soft relaxing shower I decided to go outside and spread a blanket on the grass and doze in the sun.

The intense session with the two guys left me wasted and drained. I was exhausted. After arriving back in my room I drank glass after glass of water, I was totally dehydrated from the cum spew I had done the night before. I spent the first hours after I got cleaned up drinking water and sleeping in the sun on that soft blanket spread on the lawn in the yard. Lying with the warm sun licking my body was mesmerizing, lulling me into peaceful serene slumber. I dozed on and off for the better part of the day.

Yet oddly enough while my body was exhausted and relaxed, my arousal was roaring like an inferno. My balls felt like they had run a marathon, yet in spite of my fatigue, my cock stiffened and lengthened as it was warmed by the cress of the suns warmth and sweet sexy memories. Drifting in and out of soft naps as I lay there, I was keenly aware that my cock was stone hard and my anus was tingling and quivering. An orgasmic knot had developed deep in my asshole from the extended sex of the last few days. My prostate was erect and buzzing. My libido had been ignited and would not be extinguished.

Chapter 5

This forest bathing retreat was taking a decidedly different turn than I had expected. It was now going on the third day. I had seen my wife only for an hour or two on the second day. In those brief hours she informed me that the activities during her time so far had been equally a surprise to her. She was receiving pleasure from men and women and indeed she had been fucked intensely by her guide who was now engaged with me.

This next chapter in this retreat was about to be written. After a full day of hiking, meditating and reflecting in writing, John ( the guide) informed me that I would be spending the night at his suite on the other side of the campus where I would be with he and Wayne, another guide. So at the appointed hour I walked to his cabin, knocked on the door and entered. He opened it and welcomed me graciously, smiling and holding his arm extended into the room like a concierge ushering me in.

After I was inside I looked around. It was spacious suite of rooms. I thought to myself that he must have been senior in the facility to get such elaborate accommodations. He closed the door and locked it placing a do not disturb sign on the outside before he clicked it and secured it. He directed me to the bathroom and suggested I take a shower and that he would be in the bedroom waiting for me. As he advised me he pointed to a door on the other side of the room that was partially open and illuminated.

Chapter 4

By the time I cleaned up from the “orientation it was 9:30 PM. That hour would not ordinarily be late for me but after the drive up of several hours and the session in the woods ending with a thorough ball draining ejaculation, I was bushed. We walked back to the cottage in the dark using small flashlights that were provided with the check in materials. We really didn’t need the lights as there was a full moon that cast an eerie misty light in dark. The walk back itself seemed a lot quicker than the walk out. The night air was cool on my exposed skin, I chose to carry my robe rather than put it on. I was really getting into the forest bathing mode of thinking. Whether it was the nudity or the aroma of the woods or the cool mountain air or all of them together I was totally relaxed but totally turned on as well.

She returned me to my room, opening the door and laying her hand out indicating that I should enter; I did. As she stood outside she suggested that I take a shower and that she would be in to see me in 20 minutes. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her comment, but I had learned quickly in this place to just go with the flow and it would not disappoint.

Chapter 3

I had been home for three days after my marathon sex trip, arriving back late in the afternoon after a long morning spent in bed with the lovely Anne. That morning will remain in my thoughts for years to come. It was a sensual and deeply intimate experience. As the first rays of the morning sun touched the illicit hotel bed that caressed me, an older man with grey chest hairs and she a lithe young woman with soft supple tits. I slid my arm under her back as she lay next to me. We were not practiced sleeping partners this was the first (and probably) only) night we had ever spent in bed together. Both of us naked in bed, warmed by the cloaking covers from the lusty sex of the night before, we were now relaxed and calm, except my cock was long and hard.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
With the erotic image of me penetrating him fueling chains of ecstatic sensation in my anal canal I resisted inserting my cock into his trembling opening. Suddenly I felt a need to engage intimately with him, to savor his erotic essence and taste the steaming thick eruption of his passion in my mouth; I wanted to consume and taste the cream of his desire. There is no other way for me to express my intimacy with a man that to take his manhood into my mouth as he releases a flood of hot semen on my tongue. Although my mind was lasciviously imagining my cock in his spasming anal canal as he savored the sensation of my prong filling him I resisted saving penetration for the crescendo of this meeting.

So I pulled away from him and turned so that I was facing him as I rolled him onto his back. Bending his knees and parting his legs, I knelt between them at the altar of his male sexuality and prepared to take the sacrament of his orgasmic nectar. Lowering my lips to the most sensitive part of his sexual anatomy I kissed his sulcus, the firm cleft under his cock head. I kissed it and licked it tenderly and repeatedly making his cock lurch and drool fat drops of crystal clear precum onto his belly. As I teased the ridge of his firm smooth cleft with my tongue I gathered my own precum on my middle finger; it was being coxed to drool from my own cock by what I was doing to him. With my other hand I pulled on the Aneros in his anus, extricating it with a wet plop onto the bed. Freed of the probing device his anus gently trembled between echo contractions.

Lingamans Story Chapter 1

As I approach 100 entries and 51,000 views in Lingamans blog I decided it was time for a change. Everything in this blog to date expresses experiences I have had. As many of my friends here know I love erotic writing, both reading it and writing it. So with the interest of changing things here and exercising one of my loves I am shifting this blog to my erotic fiction. Obviously even fiction is inspired by a writers experiences, feelings and desires so there is a lot of me in the work I will be presenting here. It is intended to inform, arouse and encourage you as readers and as members of the Aneros brotherhood. So to my friends and brothers in orgasm here … enjoy.

Chapter 1

Like many people I have been on a few forums on line in the last 12 years or so. I joined this one 10 years ago. I have seen the members of this forum come and go just as I have on many other forums. Senior members are active and then they fall away as the novelty wears off or the need they had of the forum fades or is replaced by something else in their life. I always feel a sense of loss when I longer see people that I chatted with every day no longer a part of my life. Sharing this feeling of loss I had with a few senior practitioners few years ago in the Aneros chat room we all agreed that the role and purpose of the Aneros Forum was different and that we couldn’t afford to lose senior members. Yes it was a place for beginners to get help and we glad to offer advice and assistance to achieve MMO, but we also agreed that the seniors in this forum had phenomenal wisdom; wisdom that doctors, sex counselors and professional sex workers did not have a clue about.

My Sexuality

It is a real challenge to describe this sexual journey I have been on for more than 20 years now. Each year brings a new set of experiences expanding the envelope of my erotic mind. Things that were avant garde to me 20 years ago are routine to me now. The things that titillate and arouse me now seem to have gotten edgier and edgier year to year. Clearly a major turning point for me was rewiring. With the enervation of my prostate and the mind – body awareness that came with it, came expanded sexual response and an interest in sexual intimacy with men. It started as a prurient attraction to gay porn on line; first with pictures of attractive cocks arched in erection, then to videos of ejaculations with semen erupting from swollen cock heads. Eventually I began to seek out video sex scenes of guys frotting and cumming on each others cocks and ultimately videos depicting a guy on his back legs spread as his asshole was drilled by another guy. I watched in fascination, my own cock stiff and throbbing as the perpetrators ass clenched as his partners anus received him, stretched to accommodate his girth. As the receiver grimaced in sweet agony his anus clutched the intruding penis that was penetrating it. As he was being fucked the penis that sank deep into him was forcing is face to contort in the familiar confused anguish of erotic ecstasy. Watching the receiver’s face grimace and contort as the sweet ecstasy of anal orgasm consumed him made the precum drool from my erection in a stream wetting the chair I sat on in my nudity
When I reached the tipping point of men having sex that was when my own craving to male sexual intimacy reached a fevered pitch. Since then my experiences have been very limited but they have been very satisfying. I have not been disappointed.