Chapter 2

Chapter 2
With the erotic image of me penetrating him fueling chains of ecstatic sensation in my anal canal I resisted inserting my cock into his trembling opening. Suddenly I felt a need to engage intimately with him, to savor his erotic essence and taste the steaming thick eruption of his passion in my mouth; I wanted to consume and taste the cream of his desire. There is no other way for me to express my intimacy with a man that to take his manhood into my mouth as he releases a flood of hot semen on my tongue. Although my mind was lasciviously imagining my cock in his spasming anal canal as he savored the sensation of my prong filling him I resisted saving penetration for the crescendo of this meeting.

So I pulled away from him and turned so that I was facing him as I rolled him onto his back. Bending his knees and parting his legs, I knelt between them at the altar of his male sexuality and prepared to take the sacrament of his orgasmic nectar. Lowering my lips to the most sensitive part of his sexual anatomy I kissed his sulcus, the firm cleft under his cock head. I kissed it and licked it tenderly and repeatedly making his cock lurch and drool fat drops of crystal clear precum onto his belly. As I teased the ridge of his firm smooth cleft with my tongue I gathered my own precum on my middle finger; it was being coxed to drool from my own cock by what I was doing to him. With my other hand I pulled on the Aneros in his anus, extricating it with a wet plop onto the bed. Freed of the probing device his anus gently trembled between echo contractions.

His oozing cockhead was leaking the sweet nectar of his growing arousal, the view of which served to inflame the orgasm that was resonantly echoing in my anus. I continued kissing the slit at the tip of his penis as I collected some of the precum pooling on his belly on my finger, combining it in a juicy cocktail with my own. With a precum lubed middle finger I began to massage his puckered anus which was still trembling in its hunger for more orgasmic pleasure. It twitched in response to my massage.

His cock was arched in aching erection hardened to stone in its profound arousal; it responded to the tantalizing impact my finger was exerting on his anus. As the chains of orgasms invaded his asshole his arched penis began to do a spastic lurching dance in time to the rhythmic contractions of his prostate. The orgasmic concerto in his anal canal elicited a hollow moan to flow from his throat. The magic of erotic bliss was now rushing into his anus with the force of a tsunami. His prostate was pumping hard; I felt his anus frozen open under my finger shrieking in ecstasy as his penis flailed in agonizing pleasure.

As his legs trembled he began to push his cock against my lips desperately seeking friction that would grant him the relief of release. I teased him by inserting the tip of my finger a little bit into his anus as I sucked his entire cockhead into my mouth. Wrapping my lips around his shaft about an inch behind the ridge that ringed his crown I began to massage his rigid sulcus with my tongue. His moaning became louder and more plaintive.

I sucked the upper 2 inches of his elegantly sculptured cock head into the warm suction of my mouth enveloping it with my tongue; his response provided intense erotic inspiration in me. Feeling his entire cock in my mouth I could trace its shape with my tongue; the way it felt in my mouth was incredibly sexy. I was not that experienced pleasuring a man orally at that point; the degree to which it turned me on to fellate him really surprised me in a thrilling way. The wet warmth of my mouth inspired him to start to mouth fuck me.

I stilled him by seeking his prostate with my finger and backing off on my sulcus massage. Slowly I slid my finger into his anal opening invading his warm sex, enticing him to give control of his ejaculation to me. I found his swollen gland and began to stroke it firmly. The touch of my finger on the essence of his masculine sexuality made it quiver between its rhythmic pumping contractions. The chill of deep euphoria washed over him as the blissful waves of erotic rapture detonated in his anal canal and washed through his body, immobilizing him. It was like an enormous erotic weight had been lowered on him as he gave his body to me.

He desperately wanted to thrust and assertively pursue the pleasure that was licking his most tender erogenous spots. However, the rapture that cloaked his mind robbed him of all control. All he could feel was my finger up his ass stroking his most secret spot and the heat of my mouth sucking on his now tingling crown. Together the two sensations were creating a cacophony of agonizing ecstasy that was twisting his anal canal with merciless delight.

He was under my control now; I needed to feel his hot liquid essence fill my mouth. I needed to slake my desire with the warm cream of his passion, released into the warmth of my mouth from his pulsing slit at the pinnacle of his orgasmic crescendo. Suddenly his legs began to quiver as his anus clamped shut and began to rhythmically contract and release. He gasped in the muted anguish on the abyss of desperately sought ejaculation. The tormenting grip of ejaculation was tightening was tightening and squeezing his prostate, perineum and cock root deep. He was about to fall into the sweet delirium of release as orgasmic ecstasy began its magical milking of his gland. His balls drew up into his body in preparation for the torrent he was about to give me.

In the milliseconds when the ejaculative convulsion deep inside him was starting I reached up with my left hand and began to toggle his erect nipple. The cumulative sensations were more than he could bear.
With my lips wrapped tightly around his crown I held his cock in my mouth as his shuddering penis began to pump his load. I felt his prostate and anus convulse as his rigid penis regurgitated a hot stream of his cock milk into my mouth; it pooled on my cupped tongue. Pulse after pulse of hot thick semen flowed into my mouth in long ropes as I drank his warm cocktail. He shuddered and quivered as his anal canal and pelvis were consumed by the force of male orgasm unleashed. His anus, anal canal, perineum and cock all convulsed in shrill acknowledgement of the tortuous pleasure that was enveloping them. When it was over his balls were drained, his head was fuzzy and my mouth was full of his cum.

I had tenderly brought him to find that sweet calm place that follows ball draining orgasm. But my own desire was not slaked. The tumescence of my own cock made it ache with need. It hung heavy and hard with that need. I craved yet one more way to share intimacy with him, this time by being in him. Now was the time.

As he lay there in languid euphoria I reached over to the nightstand and lubed my iron spike with clear glycerin gel; coating my elongated member until it glistened in preparation to impale him. Once my long iron penis was slick, I lifted his legs, holding them apart by grasping his ankles and holding his legs like they were easy rider motorcycle handle bars. His anus was exposed and relaxed from many Aneros sessions and the orgasm that he had just experienced.

I lodged my glistening bulbous cockhead against his vulnerable opening. It fit perfectly just like a cork. I looked down at the highly erotic sight of my cockhead barely inside his wrinkled pink anus; parting the outer ring of his anus I prepared to penetrate him. I leaned forward pressing against his man pussy. With surprising ease his opening yielded to my invading cock head as my aching penis slipped into the clinging grasp of his secret sexual spot. He gasped at the sudden and very pleasant sensation of a large rigid hot cock opening his anus and sliding into his canal imparting a deeply gratifying feeling of having his asshole being stretched open and his canal being fulled by the rigid heat of my penis.

From my standpoint the heat of his anal canal gently sucking on my cockhead was like a powerful aphrodisiac. My head was suddenly swooning. I was experiencing the power of his male sexuality and the very essence of who he was unlike any other man had. He had allowed me to invade the sanctity of his anus, to be inside his body to experience his pleasure with him.

The sensation was exquisite. This was the first time I had ever fucked a man and it was serenely pleasurable. Slowly I began to thrust in him. Back and forth I drew my long hard cock in and out of you like a cellist drawing a bow across strings. As I did my cockhead gently massaged his prostate. In its post – ejaculative state it still was aroused by the tender rubbing of my crown. It began to harden in response. As it did waves of pre super O sensation began to rise in him.

As I pistoned in and out of him the thought raced through my mind that I was actually fucking a man. My own pleasure waves began to build with the lurid thought swirling in my head. I began to talk to him in sultry affection coaxing him to feel my cock fucking him and urging him to succumb and give me the satisfaction of feeling him orgasm on my cock. I speared his anus relentlessly pushing us both closer and closer to the brink. Then it happened, the bliss that my cock inspired deep in his anal tract broke through the clouds and he began to have a string of super orgasms. This time they were not on an Aneros they were on the full girth of my erect cock deep in his asshole, prying orgasm after orgasm from his stretched to the limit anus. He whined as he succumbed to wave after wave of anguished pleasure as my cock impaled him and stabbed his insides pushing him higher and higher.

The pleasure that resulted was so explosive, an orgasm tore through his anal canal and forced him to spew a long rope of semen in the air; the release was so powerful he actually screamed. Still I continued my relentless humping of his anus penetrating him over and over even as he shot ropes of cum all over his chest. The pleasure he felt transfixed his mind in a state of serene oblivion. The touch of my man wand on the core of his soul transcended him, numbing his brain and carrying him to a distant place where erotic sensual pleasure was all there was.

My own climax was imminent. I felt the cum welling up deep inside of me. My fixation since rewiring has been to witness the act of ejaculation, either mine or someone else’s. Watching cum spewing from a penis is a huge turn on for me, ideally if the semen flows and rolls out of a bulging cock slit. Even more arousing for me is the act of ejaculating my cum on an erect cock. So as I felt the spasm of my ejaculation begin, I pulled out from his anus and laid my glistening cockhead on top of his semi erect cock and released on it, rhythmically pumping a torrent of my cum onto his spent penis. I watched mesmerized as I pissed several long ropes of hot cream on his corona, glazing him with my honey. The sensation of my hot cream coating it made his penis shudder and lurch in the final spasms of his ejaculation.

I hung my spasming cock over him dribbling the remnants of my ejaculation on his now slime coated cock. I remained suspended over him savoring the bliss of release that emptied my balls and left a thick goeey mess on his cock.

When my release was done my penis began to soften. I squeezed the last drop of my semen onto him, marking him as a member of the fraternity. It was midnight when I rolled off of him, laying on my back in the softness of the hotel bed. I did not bother to get up to clean off nor did he. There was something so incredibly vulgar and erotic about sleeping with him with the male slime and scent of our sex on both of us. So with the sweet funk of orgasmic passion filling the room and two cum covered cocks we slept. There would be time for showers in the morning but until then there was time for cuddling and kissing through the night; we did.

All the way home the next morning I thought about the tryst of last night event, my first meeting of a new member of the fraternity; my penis stiffened in acknowledgement of my thoughts. I wondered if they all would be this way. Partly as a result of my rewiring and partly as a result of the deeply erotic experience the night before my cock was throbbing and aching. I was still quite aroused despite a through ball draining orgasm in the last 8 hours. I marveled at the sexual man I had become, particularly at my age. My mind wandered until the reality of noon time tweaked my mind. Actually it was my stomach, I was hungry. As I looked at the exit signs on the side of the road I noticed that I was getting close to Lenox, a town that I like for a number of reasons. One of the reasons I think of it often is that Ann lives there.

Ann was our family babysitter when our kids were little. She was a very sweet, warm and unpretentious teenage girl, very unlike many of her peers in the community we were in. As a teen she was a pleasantly nondescript girl that I would have described as plain and a little heavy. She maintained a friendship with her after we moved away and she went off to college, never really seeing her but staying in touch by writing.

When I became active on line Facebook became one of my forums. When I joined Facebook Ann became a friend. With friending came a window into her life as an adult from pictures she posted. She was now in her mid thirties and stunning. She lost a lot of weight and with the weight loss gained an amazing set of tits. Her figure was svelte but her breasts were beautiful in shape and proportion; her dark hair and dark eyes added to the sexy woman she had become. She was now a successful executive in a modest sized company in the Berkshires.

During a trip to our hometown a few years ago we ran into her at a wedding of a mutual friend. It was amazing to see her. Despite my familial affection for her, seeing her dressed to the 9s in a very provocative dress gave me an instant erection. Single and stunning she became a target of many of my erotic fantasies from that point on. As we parted that day at the wedding she urged me to look her up if ever I was driving through Lenox. I was driving through Lenox.

So as I approached the Lennox exit I immediately thought of her. Reminiscing and reliving days gone by was certainly on my mind but the lascivious part of my psyche went into overdrive. Thoughts of spending a night together suddenly filled my mind. So as I pulled off the highway I thought that I might call her for lunch and see what developed. If I was successful at arranging lunch then maybe there was a follow up “activity” we might pursue together. I pulled into a gas station lot and looked up her number at work. Happily when I called her she answered and to my extreme pleasure was all to happy to take the rest of the day off from work to get together with me.

With my ulterior motive in mind I drove to a hotel I knew in the area and booked a king sized room with a Jacuzzi before I drove to our planned rendezvous for lunch. With the room key in my pocket, I left the hotel with a spring in my step. I was buoyed but not sure of what would happen next.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, I was extremely happy to see her drive up just as I got out of my car. I walked towards the parking spot that she was headed for before she saw me. When she parked and opened the car door I as almost next to her. Seeing me she squealed excitedly and literally jumped into my arms to give me a big hug; the hug was followed by a tender kiss on the lips. My cock lurched in response, her lips were soft and warm.

It felt so good the hold her, she was firm and muscular yet her body was supple femininity incarnate; she smelled so wonderful I was instantly under her spell. He hugged me long and hard exclaiming that it had been way too long since we last saw each other. Indeed it had been more than 5 years. In those years she had developed even more tan the last time I saw her; she carried herself with a state of sultry sexuality, elegance and grace with a decidedly exotic air about her.

As we walked to the restaurant she held onto my arm as if I was a long lost love that had just returned from sea. The pre lunch drinks provided just the right amount of “lubrication” to keep the chat a little edgier than it ordinarily might have been. The drinks continued into the meal furthering the revealing nature of the chat. Conversation started with memories of events and people of 20 plus years earlier and the typical question of I wonder what ever happened to him or her. That was followed by peals of laughter as we conjectured where there people might be with a healthy twist of humor and cynicism in the responses. There wasa certain degree of sexual commentary in the giggling comments about people from the past.

Eventually the chat turned to a question from her on what had me driving through her “neighborhood”. I pondered how honest I should be; wondering if an admission of my MMO practice was too much information. However as the conversation had been a little sexually avante garde and it included some discussion of her lovers and the sometimes sordid sex practices they had engaged in as the reasons for breakups, I figured why not be open.

So as I regaled her with the full story of my sexual awakening and discovery of MMO and my task of assessing new members to our “fraternity”. She was awe struck. Dumfounded she asked me how long I had been doing this. When I told her 10 years her mouth dropped open.

My admission opened the door to a part of the conversation that was one of the most open and frank admissions I had ever heard from a woman regarding her sexuality. Spurred on by my open discussion of my orgasmic capacity she responded with an open admission of her wanton desires and lurid sexual needs. The litany of erotic visions and acts that she described that she wanted done to her made my cock ache and my prostate throb. I swallowed hard. My MMO admission paled in comparison to the things that she had done and still hadn’t done yet. At the end she lowered her voice and leaned into me and admitted to me that all those years ago as a teen she had lurid sexual fantasies about me and she was feeling those fantasies coming back to life as we sat there.

I took a deep breath. This was what I had hoped for but I never thought my wishes could become reality. It appeared as if they just might. I have no idea how the meal ended nor do I remember the drive back to the hotel. What is burned in my memory was her standing in my room seductively shedding one article after the other until she stood before me in the sexiest bra and panties I had ever seen. The bra held the most perfectly shaped breast I had ever seen, it was sheer and silky revealing the color and structure of her nipples through the sheer fabric. I started in mute astonishment looking at her tits as she stepped out of her skirt. She unashamedly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra to reveal slightly pendulous but firm and full tits. Her thong disappeared before I could recover from my gasp at seeing her breasts. Relaxed and at ease she stood before me voluptuously nude. Her sensual body was beyond elegantly sexy it was a sultry example of female perfection.
As I removed my own clothes the impact that she had on me was immediately evident; my erection was long and iron hard. My eyes roved over her lush figure delving into every fold and around every curve, caressing them with my eyes as I removed my clothes to stand naked before her. Although I felt self conscious about my less than perfect aged body being displayed to this beautiful young woman I was incredibly turned on.

Her own feminine desire was radiating from deep within the warm recesses of her moist pink furrow; the cauldron of sexual need between her thighs was boiling over. It dripped from her pussy mouth in glistening tears of lust. Witnessing her naked arousal was making my cock throb and ache. I felt the sudden need to hold her and lay with her and caress her, kiss her and hold her in my arms as I sank my cock deep into the steaming well of her sex.

With the grace and aplomb of a practiced lover, I laid her down on the bed. I lay next to her kissing her neck as I eased her down. As we lay in the bed holding each other her mysterious feminine force slowly began to assume a shape; invisibly it became an exquisitely delicate and slender finger. Her sensual feminine “finger” then inched its way up my thigh and tenderly grasped my penis, lovingly caressing the pulsing purple hued cockhead in its warm grasp, causing me to fidget.

I felt the sweet tingle of a pleasurable but invisible embrace; it sent shivers up my spine, collecting at the base of my skull. The shivers encircled my neck and enveloped my head, making my scalp vibrate and my ears ring. As I shivered under her spell, I was overcome. I shuddered and quaked in its grasp as it tenderly caressed the swollen head of my cock; it held my organ ever so tenderly. The finger then searched for the slit at the pulsing tip of my rigid organ. It seemed to know my penis so well, it was in no hurry, searching patiently and methodically. She tickles my cockcleft and slowly slides over the slick smooth fine skin of my cockhead in little circles, savoring the slippery precum wetted sexiness of my cockhead. That skin is so different from all other skin on my coarse male body. The skin on my cock is delicate, thin, and very sensitive.

Once her desire finds the slot that my precum is flowing from it toys with it, gingerly tasting the sweet slippery emulsion that I am drooling. Her desire is like a hummingbird that is darting around a flaming red flower and my cockhead is the sticky stamen of the flower, her desire flits, darts and hovers in anticipation of the rich and sweet reward I am offering her. Then very gently, the finger alights on the slit in my penis and pries it open, parting it and holding it open in preparation for penetration, sweet penetration. I can feel it parting me.

I don’t understand how this imaginary event seems so real; it was mystical. “How can this be?” the rational side of my brain questioned. But as my rational mind questioned what was happening to me, the erotic side of my mind was savoring the sensation that I was swimming in. It was savoring the deep wet pleasure that I was floating in as my skin was tingling in anticipation of the whispered promise of further pleasure that filled my ears. Ultimately, I give into the pleasure that was tenderly embracing my cock. She had me under a spell, I was on fire; my libido was a sodden steaming inferno.

Her sweet feminine desire tarried and teased my cockhead, playing with the stream of precum that was drooling from me. Its need for my male nectar has been wetted. It craved more, it craved to be at the source of my warm male essence so that it could bathe and drink at my sweet fountain. Then with the gentleness of a butterfly the finger deftly entered my slit, penetrating me; as it penetrated me it caused me to shudder in repeating waves of pleasure. Her feminine erotic desire basked in the rich erotic core of my masculinity and grew stronger as it probed me, drawing its power from the heat of my need. It caused my cock to stiffen further and straighten like a cat stretching after a long soothing nap. Her invasion of my penis filled me with rapture. I was overcome and immobilized by the assault of her desire; her erotic need was holding my body down on the bed, my heart was racing and my head was spinning as her tender invasion continued. My breath came in short gulps as I was being skewered by her erotic power.

Her sexuality was intoxicating. I gasped and groaned as her passion inched into me, igniting me as it burrowed in the sweet warmth inside of me. I writhed in anguished joy as the gentle touch of her erotic desire probed deeper and deeper into my penis, slowly following the path that it has claimed. As her desire grew and extended into me relentlessly seeking the liquid essence of my sexual desire deep inside me, I was overcome with lust and love for her. I hear moaning, and I am surprised to discover it is me.

As her passion grew inside me I was filled with overwhelming need for her. Soon her desire found its destination deep inside my pelvis, the warm molten pool of my orgasmic passion, deep inside of me. I felt the finger probing in the steaming essence, coating itself in my earthy male fluid. Her desire exults at the discovery of the well spring of my passion, it bathed languidly in my creamy seminal pool, stretching out and luxuriating in its spa like warmth. It is as if she has found an elegant bath full of the most exotic oils and spices; her desire is to languidly soak in its soothing hot depths and let it permeate her and feed her sexual appetite.

Once her desire was ensconced in my steaming pool, her passion began to delicately breathe her feminine heat into the pool of my cum, causing it to steam and bubble. The simmering pool steamed and heated up, seeking a desperate path for relief.

Her need is equally desperate; it has been warmed by the desire in me, it grew in its intensity in the warm well of my male passion. As she wallowed in the creamy heat of my male sexual force her passion grew stronger. It rooted itself in the warm wet depths of me; it has linked us as it sates its sensual thirst on the erotic heat of my cum.

When she had drank deeply from the well of my sexual heat and her thirst was satisfied, her desire probed further into me. It pierced my organs and penetrated me, seeking my soul. With exquisite and vulgar finesse, the hands of her desire grasped my quivering soul and gently squeezed it causing intense pleasure waves to wash over me and wrap me in ecstasy. My cock throbbed as my brain caught on fire.

Soon I was filled by her need. I was no longer am the master of my own sensations; I was a slave to her erotic desire. Her desire was a tether that has extended itself into my penis and has wound its fingers around my most sensitive internal male organs, savoring the hot liquid reward it has found inside of me. Luxuriating in the sensation of my warm cum, she lets it run between her fingers as she savors it’s heat.

When her desire had slaked its need for my heat it began to reel me in as if I was a fish caught on her hook. But unlike a fish, I did not fight her incessant pull. I followed blissfully. She had found her prize deep inside of me and now she intended to claim it. I was in a stupor of erotic desire. Her tether was deep inside me but it was also wrapped around the outside of my cock. It is like a tendril on a bean plant; it coiled around my stalk and it is holding me tenaciously. My fate is sealed I am trapped as a fly is in a venus fly trap. I am her willing erotic captive.

I am being pulled slowly to her pussy; it has my hardened penis in a vice like grip. Her desire is thirsty for my love liquid; it has been at the source and tasted me. It now wants to claim my thickened salty rich cream and slake its thirst with the milk of my passion. I am being dragged and tugged to be with her, to be inside her and merge my fluid with hers and allow her to drink from me. Each yank on my cock and my tender insides elicits a shudder and a gasp from me; each moan and gulp is sweet recognition of my erotic fate. Her passion is rooting inside of me, growing and piercing my organs, burrowing deeper and deeper inside of me, claiming more of me with each inch it creeps. Soon there is no more flesh wetted by sexual need to claim.

Like a hungry preditor bent on its prey it pounces on my soul and savors its sweet reward. As it grasps my very reason for living, her womanly desire firmly squeezes it again; the unrelenting erotic pressure causes me to cry out for sweet relief as the erotic juice of my passion oozes between her fingers.

The sheer agony of my need sets the steaming pool of semen inside me to bubbling and roiling in desperation, is now boiling over. It is hot and ready to meet its destiny inside her cunt. Soon it will be relinquished in blissful anguish to be deposited deep inside her where she will savor it in her warm secret place. That destiny is drawing me closer and closer to her.With my body and soul in her grip her passion wraps its fingers around my brain and makes me think of only one thing . . . . the sweet relief of being inside her. Her desire continues to reel me in.

She was on her back looking at me with a glint in her eye that is borderline evil. She knows that I am helpless. Our genitals are linked by the tether of her desire and the fingers of her passion are holding my mind and soul in their grasp.

With the drama surrounding the unveiling of a priceless work of art she parts open her thighs to reveal her glistening pink lips to me. The sight of her swollen wet pussy assaults my weakened sense of reality and holds me in an iron grip. I cannot take my eyes off of her sweet cunt lips. Her vagina is mesmerizing; in its lust engorged silence it is hypnotizing me. Her dewy pink cleft is slightly open, taunting me with the promise of an exquisitely warm and wet caress that will milk my penis, and suck me as it swallows my liquid testimony of love. Her cleft is parted in readiness to claim me and her silken inner lips are wetted with the honey of her arousal.

The scent of her ardor rises from the yawning mouth of her pussy and reaches into my nostrils to effortlessly drill into my brain. It is the salty scent of the ocean; it is the sweet aroma of exotic flowers and it is the unmistakably piquant scent of female desire. I lost any remaining sense of control I had as her scent embraced my rational mind and toyed with it causing me to sink into an erotic haze. Then as her passion continued to reel me in I had no choice but to nestle my swollen throbbing cockhead in the lips at the threshold of her feminine vestibule.

Her pussy looked like a baby bird with its mouth agape screaming in anguish to accept nourishment. There at the opening of her pussy the sensitive tip of my cock felt the welcome kiss of the mouth of her vagina. I fought to keep from being drawn into her; I lingered at her opening, allowing her pussy lips to kiss and suckle the head of my cock. As her lips were wrapped around the turgid tip of my manhood, my cock rewarded them with a sweet taste of my pre cum. My precum mixed with her own feminine honey covered the head of my throbbing stalk; I was covered in love lubricant, enough to insure that its journey into her would be effortless and blissfully sweet.

Then with my breath coming in staccato gulps I pushed into her, parted her vaginal opening and slid past the gateway to heaven. As I slid into her she squealed as the invasion of my cock stirred exquisite sensations inside her passion engorged pussy. I slowly pushed into her until her vagina had swallowed the length of me.

I almost lost consciousness as the walls of her pussy gently held my stiffened stalk inside of her; as she held me sensations of peace, adoration, and desire washed over me.

I savored the sensation of being swallowed by her. But as I held still in the sweet grasp of her cunt, I was overwhelmed by erotic desire. I lost control of my body. Silently and wordlessly her pussy told my penis what to do. I surrendered to the demands of her steaming vagina. My head began to hear the rythmic pounding of drums. The pounding consumed me. I had no choice but to give into the rhythm that reverberated through my cock. Soon my cock followed the throbbing beat and I began to dance a dance that is as old as time. As I rose and fell into her in rythmic thrusts she writhed underneath me. I penetrated her and withdrew and sank back into her again and again, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of orgasm with each thrust.

With each parry of my flesh sword in her sodden sheath, I elicited moans of growing orgasmic tension from her. As I pierced her pussy repeatedly, she grabbed the sheets in her fists and groaned “oh my god . . . . fuck ….what are you doing to me?”. I could see the pending orgasm filling her body, as she jerked in an attempt to thrust against me. But her mounting ecstasy had robbed her of her coordination. The rapture was displacing any other feeling in her; all that she could feel was the burning pleasure in her cunt. It was taking control of her. It started as a smoldering ember deep inside her pussy but now it was an incendiary blaze that consumed her entire body and her consciousness.

She began to push against me in an erratic staccato effort to grind her burning pussy against me; her vagina gripped my penis in a desperate attempt to milk my hot cream from me. I continued to thrust into her, penetrate her and grind against her. There was desperation in my thrusts as well, a need to seize pleasure from her and give her pleasure at the same time.

As I knew her orgasm was imminent I held her face in my hands and softly said to her: “look at me love, look into my eyes; I want to see your joy and anguish as you cum”. With a look that displayed panic, fear, anguish, pure joy, bliss and confusion she looked into my eyes”. Her expression was so erotic it steeled my penis to the consistency of an iron rod. I continued to relentlessly penetrate her and thrust in and out of her. Then I slowed and delicately teased her holding my cock in the honey coated silken folds of her pussy lips. I then resumed penetrating her and grinding against her pussy which was oozing her love nectar at this point.

Her eyes opened wide as the orgasm ignited her flesh. She was being consumed by the sweet fire of pure pleasure. Her back arched and her body stiffened as the rapture embraced her and transported her to place that only a woman in surrender to orgasm can know. Her eyes again looked panic stricken and confused, then the panicked look in her eyes transormed to a look of pure ecstasy as the orgasm filled her up. She shook, trembled and twisted as she sang a sweet song of orgasmic release. The orgasm grabbed her pussy, it hardened her nipples and it forced her mouth open in a tortured grimace. The orgasm held her most sensitive female parts and was squeezing them hard, wringing absolute pleasure from them. She squealed as her anus contracted wildly with each orgasmic spasm that bore into her. At the same time the sweet lips of the orgasm were suckling her clit causing divine waves of rapture to surge in and out of her pussy.

It was more than I could resist. It was impossible to hold back any longer. As if I was a classical guitar, the fingers of her desire found my strings. Her desire began to pluck my strings in increasing cadence and intensity, I could feel the sweet tension building. The music I heard and felt inside me told me that orgasm was imminent. The pace of the vibrations that were reverberating throughout my body increased until there was no space between the blissful notes. The sensation made me writhe in anguished need for relief. Then as the pleasure seemed to be teetering on that discreet threshold between agony and bliss, the fingers strummed a series of chords in me that transported be to an ecstatic place. The vbrations of my orgasmic instrument released the pleasure into me; my body filled with bliss in an instant. As I gasped my body reached its limits of how much pleasure I could hold.

Then in a sweet millisecond my orgasm burst open and unleashed a torrent of semen. When it let go in that moment, the flood of my cum sought the sweet path of release into her; it flowed determinedly over her fingers with ferocity as if they were insignificant pebbles in a mountain stream. In a hot rush to its destiny, the liquid testimonial of my lust streamed from me. It spilled from me and gushed deep into her secret place in a series of hard convulsive spasms. The pleasure I felt was pervasive, it caused me to sing my own resonant song for her’ my body stiffened in ecstasy. I emptied into her, and gave her what she sought as her pussy greedily sucked its prize from my pumping penis as the last spasms of her orgasm convulsed her cunt as it desperately squeezed my cock.

Her desire finally released its hold on my cock when I sucked all it could from me. Spent, empty and exhausted I collapsed onto her. She kissed me tenderly and whispered in my ear in a hot breath the affirmation: “I always wanted you”. I sighed and kissed her in return as my sloppy love softened penis popped out of her inflamed and sodden vagina. My creamy spendings drooled from her reddened pussy lips, just as wine drools from the mouth of a lush.