“The Call Of The Eupho: A Wild Ride!”

Since I have not had an Aneros session in almost 2 weeks, I have been getting my stim through other means, usually porn or erotic auditory stim. Early this AM, I began to search for and listen to erotically-stimulating music. One in particular which I liked was called “Erotic Massage”. It was about an hour long. I had the time, I settled-in for a nice relaxing ‘listen’, set the volume very low and began to sink-into the relaxing melody. I didn’t realize it at the time but this audio track must have contained some very-carefully embedded ‘tones’ which were very stimulating. Not so much as for a penile erection (I know the feeling well) but it was a more ‘all-over’ erotic feeling. I became very aroused ALL OVER MY BODY. I felt the need to caress my nipples and torso and other parts of my body. Yes I was feeling it in my groin and had a mostly-full erection (about 3/4 I believe). But near the end, I felt ready for sex! Since it was early AM, and I was still feeling unfulfilled and horny, I decided to go for an Aneros session (for which I have longed for a while). My body was ready.

I retreated to my bedroom, selected the Eupho (somehow I knew this was the one), lubed-up and laid on my usual right side position.

Well, it wasn’t too long (~5 minutes or less I believe) when I began to get all the sensations I have experienced before with Eupho… Only this time, they hit me ALL AT ONCE! Let me try to recall the feelings….An EXTREMELY pleasurable ‘tickling’ feeling in my prostate accompanied by (I swear!) a combination of moaning and crying (I really had to suppress this feeling, otherwise I would have awakened everyone in the house!) I had an almost immediate dry-O (or two!) and involuntary PC contractions. Around the same time, I began to shake uncontrollably. I decided to re-position myself on the bed, first on my stomach and then on my left side and finally on my back. All of this just intensified the tickles I felt and I was headed for another couple of dry-O’s! OMG! I am starting to writhe on the bed, still moaning and wanting to cry… The Eupho is driving my out of my f*****g mind with pleasure! I am ready to scream!…..Can I hold it back? I am now getting an erection on top of everything else and I feel that I could be heading for a wet-O! OMG! What should I do?


Somehow, I found myself back in my right-side position and although the involuntary contractions are continuing, I am not feeling any more tendency for another dry-O. But I do believe that since I had some whole-body involvement during this short session, I would have to say that I experienced at least a ‘Mini-Super-O’! I have never had this much pleasure come over me as quickly with a Eupho session as this one! I purposely selected the Eupho so that it wouldn’t be too stimulating nor intense. HA! (I really didn’t want to end this session, but I felt that it was time).

I was afraid that with a long absence from Aneros, that my prostate will need some re-training! Boy was I wrong! My prostate is just as sensitive and willing to give me pleasure as always! As I am typing this, I am feeling a nice quivering feeling in my lower groin. Since I have not ejaculated since yesterday morning, perhaps more stimulating feelings are in store for me today! I can’t wait!


PS Like other Aneros guys have reported, I feel that because I was already greatly aroused, this session was particularly intense. It seems that you don’t want to start these Aneros sessions “cold”. Something to consider in the future…..

PS Later in the morning, I will be going out soon. Still feel a ‘quivering’ feeling in my anal/prostate region. Don’t know where this is going but it should be interesting!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/the-call-of-the-eupho-a-wild-ride/