Some Questions

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been on this journey for about two years now, and I’ve went from no feelings at all to feeling full body waves (only once though)!

I have a few questions that I hope can be answered. A lot of the times when things start to feel good I have a hard time letting go and just letting my body do the work for me, and this results in me losing the feeling, which can be hard to get back. Does anyone have any tips for just letting go?

So far I’ve never been able to orgasm at all from the aneros, and although I feel like I’m right there, it seems as if something is missing. I’ve tried the do nothing method, which got me the furthest, but hasn’t been able to produce results as of late. I’ve tried holding a low contraction through involuntaries, but eventually they seem to become voluntary involuntaries (if that makes sense), and I lose feeling. Is there a method I should be focusing on? Like trying to massage the prostate through the low contractions and involuntaries? I’ve tried that once or twice, and while it feels really good, I find that I lose sensation when it starts to feel awesome


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  1. The times I’ve had the most success, is when I just lost myself in it. Getting all excited about what might happen next, or needing something else to happen is a distraction that’s really hard to ignore. Being happy right where you are, and letting the aneros do the work is tricky, but worth exploring.

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