“My ASMR Experience and Amygdala Clicking”

Always in search of something “new” I set myself up for some relaxation on my favorite sofa. I discovered an ASMR session by “Heather Feather” and decided to give is a try. I must say first off that I am somewhat familiar with ASMR and have experienced some “brain tingling” before. So I expected nothing new this time. Was I wrong! Let me explain………

I set the volume low on my headphones, got comfortable on the sofa and started to relax. The soft ‘whispers” of Heather were intriguing and she was “whispering” words and sounds that were very soothing. Some of the words caused a slight “tickling” sensation along my spine. As I continued to listen, I found that there were more “tickling” sensations moving further down my spine and eventually, it seemed, was concentrated at the very base of my spine and even lower, toward my anus. I felt it almost constantly with every whisper or word sound and it was very pleasurable. So much so that I distinctly began to feel aroused and was developing an erection!

[Now I know there is some controversy whether or not ASMR is inherently sexual, but in my case, it definitely was!]

I listened some more, probably about 40 minutes in total of this hour-plus session, when I decided to do some “resesarch’ on ASMR (I stopped this session prematurely). I discovered that the feelings I had were not totally unusual. What was unusual was what happened next……….

While sitting down again online, I began to again experience the “tingling” sensation in my anus/rectum and this was totally WITHOUT any ASMR stimulation! It was like an ‘aftershock’ reaction. This feeling became so overpowering that I had to lay down again on the sofa for about 15 to 20 minutes! OMG! I am feeling wave-after-wave of pleasure now radiating from my lower groin and I am getting another erection!
Now, I’m not sure technically what’s going on here but I am able to “trigger’ this response in my lower groin WITHOUT any contractions! I am ‘thinking’ this through in my brain and ‘feeling’ the response! It is mind-blowing! This technique started, I believe, when listening to the ASMR. Is this a new experience for me? I think so. I will see if I can establish this feeling later on in the day……


Still doing some online research and I believe what I am experiencing is called ‘amygdala clicking’. It is a new experience and is very intriguing. I will need to research this some more…..

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/my-asmr-experience-and-amygdala-clicking/