“A Helix Ride Like No Other”

[This description is somewhat graphic and does contain profanity]

Contrary to my better judgment on my last post, I had the time to do a shortened session with Helix. I was not aroused in any way and thought I would just do a ‘quick do-nothing’ session and call it a night. Well! This session was anything but ordinary! Let me explain……

I quickly lubed-up and the Helix felt so good going in. I got into my usual right-side position so as not to stimulate my penis. It wasn’t too long before I distinctly felt my pulse through the Helix. I have felt it before but this time it was especially strong. After a while (about 5 minutes I believe) I got the urge to start doing some very strong anal/PC contractions just to ‘start things up’. Well, they started up all right! I began to experience a combination of auto-fuck contractions combined with my own strong contractions and they were beginning to get intensely pleasurable! I rolled over on my stomach and began to thrust my chest up and down, up and down, in synchronous motion with my breathing. The Helix is moving in and out with every breath. OMG! With each movement of my chest, I am feeling a most-pleasurable ache (like a strong P-wave) that was only getting stronger! It went on and on……and on and on…..

With each ache, I was letting out a moan: OOH!….OOH!,,,,OOH!,,,,OOH!,,,,,,The moans became muffled SCREAMS under my pillow. I could not stop them. You get the picture!

OH MY GOD! THE HELIX IS FUCKING ME OUT OF MY MIND! Sorry, but I don’t know any other way to put it. This went on for a good 10 to 15 minutes and, although I did not experience anything resembling a prostate O, the continuous pleasure waves were almost too much for me to endure! At several points, the Helix felt like it was coming out (but it didn’t when I felt back and checked it – don’t know what causes this. It is a most unusual feeling).

After a while I rolled-back on my right side and continued to do some lighter contractions. By this time, the intense aches had subsided and I felt it was time to end this intense session. I don’t ever recall a Helix session like this one. No mini-Os, no dry-Os, no super-Os. Just the most fucking pleasure I believe I will ever experience.


PS Obviously, I had a fantasy or two during this session, mostly male anal fucks, although thrusting on my stomach gave me a distinct feeling of female penetration as well. An interesting combination!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-helix-ride-like-no-other/