Good aneros alternatives? Specifically Lelo Loki Wave

I have a helix sin and a progasm, and neither get me anywhere close to what a regular dildo can do. I like the slow, rolling motion and accompanying feeling, which I’m guessing are p-waves, and I’m thinking of trying the Loki Wave by Lelo. It has a come hither motion, and I like that it’s a little larger. Does anyone have sharable experience with one? Or a recommendation besides?



  1. Looks like it would get the job done! Would be way out of my personal price range, but looks like the best suited design I’ve seen.

  2. It’s quite new, I think. You could be the first to experience it and come back to us!

    I’d like to know if it’s better than the Nexus Revo Intense. Loads of people love that toy but it doesn’t get me going at all.

  3. Said fuck it, used the coupon code and ordered it. Definitely will report back.

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